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Some of our PRO TTD PICS!!!!

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Thank you ladies for your very sweet comments :) I hope some of these can be inspiration for some other DW brides to go ahead and do a TTD. We love our pics! and we couldnt be happier with the way they turned out.


These came out amazing. Who was your photographer?
Our Photographer, is Kevin Lanthier. He is a friend of DH and we flew him down with us. He is based out of Vancouver BC (same as DH and I) We are very happy with our decision to fly him down. It was worth every penny! :)


Those are so beautiful! How did doing both the jungle and the beach go? We are thinking of doing the same thing...it looks like your dress (which is gorgeous by the way!) held up well!
The beach and jungle worked out well. We got up extra early a couple days after the wedding, and shot on the resort's beach. The Barcelo Mayan Palace did have a BEAUTIFUL beach! and it was nice to get the shots in early b/c there weren't too many ppl on the beach.


DH and I made car rental reservations a few days prior to the TTD session. And after the beach shots, we went back to the room, re grouped, re touched my make-up and rented the car and hit the hwy. We initially were looking for a cavern cenote, but had no luck. After looking and looking I was starting to get a bit bothered, being in a wet soppy wedding dress isn't too fun. It weights a lot more wet... We did find an open air cenote and it worked...So we began to shoot.


Your pics are amazing! I love your dress - where is it from? It's perfect for TTD!!!
Thank you! :) My dress is a Maggie Sottero, its called Tabrett Marie. It held up pretty well. It was def a lot cleaner after the TTD than it was after the wedding.

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