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Pre-Wedding Newsletter (with Template)

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Originally Posted by JoannaR View Post
it looks great!! I cant seem to get it off the site you put on!! could you email me your template at Joanna_landy@Hotmail.com

Thanks so much I absolutly love it :)

Thanks for the comments everyone...


Sorry, I can't email it...the file is too big...I even tried zipping it and uploading it here but no luck...I just went to the website and I didn't have a problem downloading it.

Maybe I can walk you through and see what's wrong. First off, it's a pages file so you much have a mac and you must have IWork with the application pages to open the file. Once you download it from the website you are downloading a zip file so you'll need to go in and unzip it and then open the template. Sorry...I'm not sure how else to do it other than old fashion put it on a CD and snail mail it. Let me know...

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