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Hello Sita,


Regarding your comment about having a "beach wedding" in front of Riu Santa Fe, that would certainly be a challenge, specially since that whole beach (Medano) is the most crowded. It's doable but definitely not very private. For private-awesome weddings you'll have to go to the Pacific side, perhaps going to Finisterra Hotel, or Playa Grande. Or you could head down to the corridor, starting Fiesta Americana, Sheraton, which are still close to San Lucas. Dreams would be great, but it isn't close to San Lucas, about a 10mile ride.


But definitely get a good deal, specially if you're bringing on family/friends with you. You should get good deals, Sita.

marTin bunny_4.gif


ps. wedding agency oordinators are usually a better choice and they're more professional, too.

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