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Hi. My FH and I are only inviting immediate family to the ceremony in Italy. We are doing this because we know the trip is expensive and we are feeling guilty having our close friends and extended family paying all that money for us. My mom says we should still register and have a reception/party back home after the ceremony. I am feeling guilty about this too.


Is anyone in the same boat?

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Not exactly the same boat but similar. My FH and I invited 36 people to our wedding and probably 20 are going to be able to make it. However, if we could afford it we would have invited 75 people. SO, because we have so many other friends and family we want to include in celebrating our joy we are doing the following: having an engagement party and inviting all 75 people - no gifts which we'll state in the invitations but this at least makes them feel like they are sharing in your joy. Then about 2 months after we return from our DW/honeymoon we are having an at home reception and inviting the same 75 people. I wouldnt feel guilty...your friends and family that love you will want to celebrate with you and they will want to buy you gifts!!! Also, you'll want to register in case you guys have a bridal shower, stock the bar, couples shower, etc. That way you'll get the things you need/want. If you don't register you could end up with a bunch of odds and ends. Just my opinion...hope it helps!

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