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Help! Reconstruction on Hyatt Blue Bayou Restaurant? Any site visits in January?

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I am staying at the Hyatt Cancun Caribe for a week in February for my wedding. The dinner for the ceremony is at Hyatt's Blue Bayou Restaurant- we love the ambiance soo much for dinner there! I just saw on Travelocity a random post that the restaurant was closed for some sort of reconstruction. I emailed the wedding coordinator (I hadn't heard anything about this!!) and she told me that the restaurant would still be having construction in February but that it would be open for my wedding for all the guests. AHHHHHHHH......what does that meanhuh.gifhuh.gif? I asked for more clarification and I haven't heard back. I am trying not to panic (trying) because the restaurant was part of the reason we picked Hyatt for the ceremony/dinner. Has anyone seen this or heard about ithuh.gif? I am trying to figure out why they would close a 4 star restaurant for several months? Does that mean it will look semi-under construction for my dinner?

Any help would be great if you have heard of anything or are going down to Cancun in January for site visits I would really appreciate if you could find out anything for me!!!! Thanks a million.

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