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My Favorite DIY yet.... **My Bracelet**

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wow shell! FANTASTIC JOB! its very very beautiful!

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thanks for all the compliments, girls! I would start selling them, but I am having too much fun right now with my own stuff.


For those interested, here is what you need:



Brooch (ebay - L.A. Fancy beads here eBay My World - lafancybeads

6mm swarovski white pearls from here Artbeads.com Search Results

5mm swarovski white pearls from artbeads.com

4mm swarovski white pearls from artbeads.com

6mm clear crystal rondelles from artbeads.com

5 strand clasp (ebay)

Jewelry wire, silver JoAnn's fabrics

Crimping beads, silver A.C. Moore

Open rings, silver A.C. Moore

Jewelry pliers

Wire cutters


I strung the wire through the detail of the brooch securing it with a crimping bead. Repeating it five times on each side and cutting the wire about 8" long to leave plenty of room for stringing the pearls and closing.


Next I strung the pearls through the wire in my desired pattern inserting the rondelles between some pearls. After stringing pearls I strung a crimping bead at end created a loop with the wire by inserting the wire back into the crimping bead and pulling to the desired size. Then I secured the loop with the crimping bead. I repeated this each of the 5 wires on either side the the brooch.


Then I used the open rings to attach each of the pearl wires to the clasp. Open rings are just little circles of thicker wire that allow movement between the clasp and the wired pearls.


Not really as bad as it sounds....

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