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Casey's 1st Fitting Pics!!!

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Originally Posted by poohshek View Post
It is FABULOUS on YOU!!! A great bridal bouquet is all your need to top it off! :)

Did you go to Mockingbird Bridal?
Sure did. I had no idea how outrageous alterations cost! Is it just Mockingbird that's so expensive?

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I have been to Mockingbird Bridal twice but didn't end up buying a dress from them. Other bridal salons have quoted anything from $99 to $500 (flat fee) for alterations. The owner of the salon that sold me the sample dress gave me the name of a tailor that she highly recommended and he is in Fort Worth. There will be major changes to the dress since it is way too big/long for me. I am also considering changing the neckline to sweetheart and that may cost quite a bit too. There is a dry-cleaning place in Denton that does great job and charge a very reasonable fee. I took the jacket that came with the dress and they did such a good job removing the stain. I can forward the information if you are interested.

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