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Angel & Sy

Iberostar Rose Hall Brides - Post all info/questions here!

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Would you be able to post or email me the ceremony program? I asked for a sample as I have no idea what the line up is for the ceremony, but they said they don't have one.  Not sure what to include in the program, so any help you can offer is appreciated!  :)  Thanks! All the best!  XOXO

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Originally Posted by leslioni View Post


That's what I thought.....but in the mail she said I will require one cause I have more than 40.....that is not what the contract says.......ahhhhhhhhhhh!




Did you end up renting the restaurant? I am planning on renting the restaurant but worried about there not being a lot of time with the reception ending at 10:30 :$

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Does anyone know what the difference in the dinner types are at the Suites?

I was told that I do not have the numbers for a private reception (55).

One of the coordinators told me you can have a semiprivate dinner for $450.00usd from 6.30-8.30pm where there will only be you and your guest in the restaurant until 8.30pm.

However, now Iâ€m being told by another coordinator that there will be other people in the restaurant during this time.


So, why would you pay money to have a semi-private dinner if itâ€s no different than just having the normal dinner?


Does anyone know the differences? Has anyone had a Semi-Private and can tell me what it actually is?

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