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14 zen jeweltone candle centerpieces w/ river rocks

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Lot of 14 sets, including rich jewel tone candleholders and rocks! Tiny points of candlelight cast a rich rainbow of harmonious hues, flickering from within the hearts of five radiant jewel-toned cups. Scatter a colorful handful of polished river rocks upon the handsome wood tray; add the gleaming candles to create an instant Zen-like aura of tranquil reflection! Wood tray with glass cups. River rock and tealight candles included. 17" x 3" x 5 1/4" high.


Would make a great centerpiece.


You can take them all for $100 or I can also sell for $8/each.


I have them listed for sale on my booth at Bonanzle.com here

14 ZEN CANDLE SETS CENTERPIECES ($8 each or $100 for all) - Fort Washington - Bonanzle


Thank you to AwesomeBride for buying the first 6. These 14 are left and then I'll be rid of these big boxes and there will be space in my living room again! :)

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