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ROR 12/13/08 Pro Pics

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Congrats MRS!


You pics are great! I also love the flowers. I think we had the same color scheme!


How was CSS? I was a CSA bride and we are torn between going back and trying a different Couples property.

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Wow! Your dress, your hair, your makeup - you looked gorgeous. I love everything! Your bouquet is really unique too. Love the colour.

Great pics! I love the bottom detail of your dress too!

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Originally Posted by panther View Post
Your photos are fabulous. Where did you get your flowers done, and what kinda are those purple ones.

Thanks so much!

Tai Flora did my flowers, I just picked them out of the catalogue (with a minor adjustment) and emailed them what I wanted like 5 days before the ceremony. They were bouquet #57 I think...white lilies, white roses, and purple orchids (bridesmaids also had blue tinted orchids) The total for 3 bouquets, 3 hair orchids, and 1 bouteneire was around $200.

Thanks everyone else for you kind words!

To answer yall's questions:

My dress designer was Mori Lee
The girls got their dresses from Nordstrom online (at under $30 each we couldn't resist!)
Was finally able to start writing a review today, after a very hectic 3 weeks, hope to have it up soon :-)

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