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#271 Mere

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    Posted 05 April 2010 - 09:53 PM

    My total so far is $10, 621.64 and we still have to purchase passports,wedding bands, and wedding clothes-aaahhhh-lol

    #272 Sax Lady

    Sax Lady
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      Posted 05 April 2010 - 10:02 PM


      My budget includes everything wedding related even the trip. So when I get the final on everything I will post. Mainly becuase I still have everything to purchase, haha (but YIKES).

      #273 sorord1

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        Posted 05 April 2010 - 11:19 PM

        My wedding is over a year away and things just might change. So far for wedding, cocktail reception, dinner with open bar for 50 guests , florals and decor, DJ we are looking at approx. $6800. With photo/video we might have to add another 1000-1500 to that number. Not sure how much travel expenses will cost this far in advance. Will update when we get closer to the date but this is a prelim. guestimate.

        #274 Future Mrs. M

        Future Mrs. M
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          Posted 06 April 2010 - 03:09 PM

          Originally Posted by adridashanne
          I'm hoping to stay right under $20k, and so far, my prelim budget plugging in just my quotes has reached it. The budget is SO confusing though... How do you girls do it?

          I decided our honeymoon will not be included in our budget, nor will our rings. Is it bad that we're still looking at $20k?
          You know what, at the end of the day, I live in NY and if I were to have a NY traditional wedding we'd be looking @ at least $50k++. Hey, I have to make myself feel better somehow.....
          Ah! I know what you mean!! I thought the destination was going to be a little nicer on our wallet which compared @ $50K it is. Plus we get to have it at an amazing location. Ours is lower than we'd pay in CT but that's because we're having less than 1/2 the people than if we were having it at home....
          I need to figure out what I can cut out of the budget since everything adds up!

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          #275 bsf&jpg

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            Posted 21 April 2010 - 04:11 PM

            Hmmm, here is what I think is close to our budget:

            Dress $600.00
            Shoes $60.00
            His Suit & Shoes - $200.00 approx
            Wedd Band $FREE -incentive from work
            His Band $120.00 (I work at a jewelery store so I get a great price Thank God!)
            BM Dresses, Mothers Dress, and GM's Shirts - $221 (its part of their gift pkg)
            Dreams Love Pkg & Civil Costs - $2395 (20 ppl)
            7Night stay & Round Trip All Inclusive - $3308.68
            Sound Equip Rental & Outside Photog - $1180.00
            Invites (DIY), OOT swag & bags, decor from Michaels - $500.00 (THX TO GR8 COUPONS)
            MISC - $500.00 (bikini's, clothes, extra supplies)

            TOTAL - $9084.68 (so far...)

            I hope to stay under 10k.

            Wish us luck please.
            If we dont fill our ten rooms with DW contract we pay out of pocket. yeesh

            #276 jealousy88

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              Posted 21 April 2010 - 04:21 PM

              Originally Posted by Diva
              Hey Taylor, my Austin buddy :)

              Yes I included EVERYTHING, here is my breakdown:

              Website 89.00 (18 months at weddingwindow.com)
              Invitations (DIY) 35.00
              guest goodie bags (30 bags) 120.00
              mothers coursages (use free ones with the wedding package)
              BM flowers (DIY) 25.00 (long stem Callas from Michaels with ribbon)
              save the date (50) 107.00 (magnetstreet.com)
              his ring 250.00
              his suit 150.00 (we are getting the $99 linen ones found on here!)
              marriage license 60.00 (state of TX)
              bridesmaid gifts 280.00 (already bought from Tiffany & Co)
              room (7 nights) 2800.00
              flights 1600.00
              wedding ceremony 1550.00 (includes reception for 20 ppl paid with full plated dinner)
              My attire 100 (ok so this was TOTAL luck on my $34 dress and Etsy for $29 veil)
              Extra people 300.00 ($45 per head over the 20 people)
              Misc 400.00 (for things that may come up)

              GRAND TOTAL = $7,866.00
              This is a great budget, I am trying to stay under 10K, and have been looking into a lot of DIY projects. My mom has been giving me grief for looking on Ebay for a dress, but I am so cheap when it comes to anything. Do you mind if I ask where you found your dress at?
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              #277 Girasole

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                Posted 21 April 2010 - 06:05 PM

                Our budget was $10,000 and right now we are sitting at about $10,200. I still have to get my manicure/pedicure before we leave which will be about $125. I also bought 2 dresses & am still trying to sell 1 to recoup some costs. But I think we stayed pretty darn close : )
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                #278 JENISE

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                  Posted 21 April 2010 - 06:25 PM

                  Originally Posted by taylorwd
                  Our budget is for 28 guests and includes everything we're spending related to the wedding: hotel/travel, wedding and reception, invitations, attire, rings, guest expenses, etc. Our grand total is $15,000

                  We had initially hoped for 10K but once we started the process we realized that would be impossible! The cost of the actual wedding and reception is quite cheap--it's everything else. Now granted, we did choose a 5-star resort, our bringing a photog from the States, and are paying for a sailing trip for our guests...all expensive choices!

                  Resort Wedding Costs:
                  Ceremony (including flowers): $1120
                  Reception: $1320
                  Hair/Makeup: $375

                  Hotel/Air/Transport for 10 days: $4170

                  Photography/Video: $3260

                  Invitations, STD's, Programs, Thank You's: $178

                  Our Attire
                  Dress: $1300
                  FI's attire: $250
                  FI's ring: $330
                  Everything else (veil, jewelry, alterations, etc): $470

                  Guest Expenses: $2186
                  (We taking our guests sailing as well as paying for a guest's travel. This also includes gifts.)

                  Misc Stuff: $392

                  Although I haven't actually sat down to calculate, Taylor's budget looks VERY VERY much like mine. Same amount of guests and everything. I too was hoping to stay at around 10k until I realized that was kinda impossible. I think our end total will be between 12-15k.
                  When I buy EVERYTHING else that I still need, I will post details. Good luck staying within budget ladies! :)

                  #279 taylorwd

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                    Posted 24 April 2010 - 03:38 PM

                    Originally Posted by bsf&jpg

                    Wish us luck please.
                    If we dont fill our ten rooms with DW contract we pay out of pocket. yeesh
                    Good luck!!! You've still got some time.

                    Thanks ladies for replying to my request! It's good to see how other people are doing it.

                    #280 Ashley*

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                      Posted 13 May 2010 - 10:54 PM

                      Can anyone estimate a budget for a DJ at Dreams Los Cabos? I was recommended to DJ Mijares, DJ Ricardo, & DJ Joaquin. Sorry if this is a duplicate post, but I can't find it anywhere.
                      Dreams Los Cabos is where I'll be on four twenty-three, 2011.

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