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#161 blkladylaw

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    Posted 26 August 2008 - 09:21 PM

    Air - DC to Vegas, Vegas to Oahu, Oahu to Kauai, Kauai to Oahu, Oahu to DC - $2315

    Hotel - Ritz Carlton at the Lake before wedding and Trump in Vegas afterwards until we leave for honeymoon in Hawaii - $1000 (used some AMEX points to discount)

    Hawaii - Oahu renting this amazing private home with our own pool...I am imaging lots of romancing in this house :) Came out to less than getting a room at the Kahala that we were considering and it is not far from the Kahala resort. Kauai staying at Grand Hyatt (used some AMEX points to discount). Total accommodations in Hawaii $2910.

    Trip to Vegas to preview location & sample cake - $360

    Invites - $1600

    Decor - $1000 - did a lot myself and used silk flowerballs for centerpieces

    My dress - $1650 which includes one $1k dress that I bought that I changed my mind about that I have yet to sell.

    Transport for guests from wedding in Henderson, NV back to their hotels on the Strip & our rental cars - $700

    Cake $350

    Vase rental from florist - $70

    Travel scales & personalized mint tins for favors - $650 - includes gift bags and tissue paper (I'll also get about $100 cashback because I used live.com in about 45 more days)

    Wedding website - $70

    Photography addon- $1300 for negatives on DVD and 3.5 hours and 2 photographers. We'll get them developed cheaper on our own on Shutterfly or something. Also includes personalized cameras we will have on tables for guests to take pics for us during reception after photographer is gone.

    Hair/Makeup - $270 (stuff I purchased on my own to do it myself, including $150 at the Mac counter!)

    Video - $465 for our own video camera and will have someone tape for us

    Ceremony site at Chapel Fiorenza, minister, coordinator, any bouquet you want no matter how elaborate, boutenairre, 20 photo package from photographer, bottle of champagne, toasting glasses - $3400

    Yacht rental for 3 hours - $2595

    Catering for 50 guests (salmon, chicken, sirloin), reception setup of centerpieces/favors/etc., open bar 2 hours, chocolate covered strawberries, crabcakes, and some chicken thing served as they arrive on the yacht before dinner starts - $6700

    VIP section at nightclub on the Vegas Strip day after the wedding (as we figured we'd be too tired the night of), 5 bottles of liquor and guests get in free and can bypass the lines - $1874

    Gifts to my girlfriends who through my shower (I'm not doing bridesmaids) - $219 - Dolce & Gabbana pearl earrings (major savings on sale) that were place in a damask custom coin purse from an Etsy seller

    Rings - $1900

    We are at almost $30k right now...my goal was $25k which I would have hit if I had 1) downgraded my desire for the 5 star hotels and luxury vacation rental home took the hotels way higher than they needed to be but I can't wait to stay in these places!, 2) I could have done less dramatic invites for less but I wouldnt change it I love them!, 3) VIP at the club the next day is not necessary but something I want to do, 4) I could have skipped appetizers and did 2 meats instead of 3 for the dinner, and 3) if I never got the 1st dress I bought or if I end up selling it...I'd be under $25k with those changes.

    9 days to go...I wouldn't change a thing really from what I know at this point except for the 1st dress I wasted money on! If I did it locally I would have easily been at $28k and over 80 guests not including the honeymoon.
    Wed 9/5/08 at Lake Las Vegas Chapel Fiorenza with yacht cruise reception on the La Contessa and party the next night in VIP section at Club Poetry at Caesars Palace. Stayed at the Ritz at the Lake and checked into the Trump hotel on the strip after our reception.
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    #162 DWandMJ

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      Posted 02 September 2008 - 09:31 PM

      With the benefits of our Free Wedding Package through the Moon Palace, only about a dozen guests able to attend, and by doing a laid back party/reception when we return to the States instead of everything in Cancun, we’re looking at pretty controlled damage, including:
      Bridal Attire $550 (includes the dress, accessories, veil, shoes, undergarments)
      Hair/Make-up/Mani & Pedi $200
      Groom’s Attire $200
      Ceremony D©cor $200 (Keeping it simple)
      Marriage License in the States (Doing a symbolic ceremony in Mexico) $50
      Guest Favors/ OOT Bags $150
      Wedding Dinner @ Restaurant $100 (includes tip and simple candle decorations)
      Flowers $300
      Hotel Accomodations for 7 nights at the MP $3200
      Invitations (Homemade) $100
      Airfare $1700
      Attendants and Parents’ Gifts $150
      Photography $500
      Grand Total for Wedding and Honeymoon = a conservative $7,500

      My father is paying the airfare and my mother and step dad are kicking back $2,000…. Leaving us to cover about $3,000 out of pocket.

      #163 Jess

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        Posted 14 September 2008 - 01:36 AM

        this thread is great and so helpful! for any future budgeters, can you put the amount of guests you are planning on having? Thanks so much!

        #164 Tobi

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          Posted 24 September 2008 - 03:29 PM

          Cost for my wedding in Grand Cayman. Arriving via 5 night cruise. Ceremony and reception are taking place in port at a hotel. 30 ppl

          BUS (27 PPL)250
          LIMO (6PPL)90

          OFFICIANTpkg incl
          BOUQUETpkg incl

          BAR FEE100
          pkg incl cake
          PHOTOGRAPHER2500 (Mom is paying so not included in budget) (Includes travel

          Dress 335.41
          BM dresses288.81
          Groom 80
          GM outfits150
          Trey (our Son-ring bearer)150 (FMIL is paying so not invluded)

          OOT bags/favors170


          GRAND TOTAL6164.13

          The only thing this does not include is the wedding bands.
          The sounds system will prompty be returned to the store upon our arrival off the ship so that does not count =)
          IPOD not counting and speakers are being borrowed from a friend.
          Hair and makeup are being done by my friend who is a stylist...FREE.
          Luckily with a cruise the food is free so we are only serving appetizers at the reception and will have our formal dinner on the cruise which saves $$
          The parent's gifts will be photobooks and a little something homemade so that is already included.

          #165 trophywife

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            Posted 26 September 2008 - 10:41 AM

            whats an OOT bag??

            #166 BachataBride

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              Posted 26 September 2008 - 10:48 AM

              We haven't really done an official budget (which is probably not a great idea!!) But we are not spending more then around 10k!!

              Originally Posted by trophywife
              whats an OOT bag??
              Out Of Town....it has a bunch of "goodies" in it for your guests. Do a search & you'll find TONNES of info and ideas!!!

              #167 krazyk

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                Posted 28 September 2008 - 11:45 AM

                10k is also our budget..hopefully we don't go over that!

                #168 coppergoddess13

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                  Posted 28 September 2008 - 11:53 AM

                  I'm jealous of you ladies with higher budgets- my FI would flip if we went over $7K on ours I think we are staying under that pretty well). We are not including our attire in the cost, mainly b/c we have already paid for it all and my parents bought my dress, but I am including the cost on here, just to help other brides.

                  Bridal attire- will be under $500 for everything
                  Grooms attire- $200
                  Ceremony and reception- $2300
                  Cocktail hour- $560
                  Photographer- $1495 for 2 photogs for 5 hours, plus a TTD session
                  Airfare and room for 7 nights- $2500
                  OOT bags- $150
                  Invites- less than $50 (DIY)

                  Hopefully nothing else crops up- we are pretty good on our budget right now!

                  #169 SBlake

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                    Posted 28 September 2008 - 12:15 PM

                    So far our budget is....

                    Band: $2900
                    Photographer: $4200 for 3days
                    Dress:$1500 with alterations
                    Travel:$5600 for two weeks in January!
                    Grooms Attire:$350
                    Invites:$550 for 150
                    Save the datesIY $250
                    Everything else is still tbd but the ceremony and reception are sooooo cheap in comparison to U.S wedding that all the other stuff seems to be worth it. Plus, it depends on how many people come. Without travel our estimated budget with 75 people comes out to around $20,000ish with plenty of places to cut costs if needed.

                    #170 Kla.Kari

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                      Posted 29 September 2008 - 10:10 AM

                      OMG! After seeing all of your posts about budgets, and looking at what we may be spending on a DW... I am starting to think we are in over our heads.

                      Our initial budget was about 10k, but it looks like the AHR alone will be half of that!

                      Maybe we should just elope. (I am kidding... just frustrated right now).
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