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Well, let me see what I can remember:


Dinner (for 200) - $ 17,000 (includes dj, 3 course dinner and uncorkage fee)

Photography - $ 1,500

Honey moon - $ 2,300

Flowers - ?

OTTs and favors - $ 600

Cake - $ 1,000 (but will probably be a gift from some aunts)

Drinks shots.gif - $ 2,200

Video - Gift smile159.gif

Lounge furniture - $1,000

STDs - $ 150

Invitations - $600

Ceremony (if I do it at the marriott) - $1,000

Webpage - $50

Total smile41.gif $27,400


plus, dress ($2500) wed bands ($1300)

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I hate adding this up but here goes:


Website/Invites: $400

Bride attire/alterations: $2100

Grooms Suit: $350

Rings: $1000

Bridesmaids Attire/Gifts: $1000

Groomsmen/Ushers: $1000

Flights: $880

Hotel: $1200

Rental Car: $300

Honeymoon: $1000

Welcome Dinner: $3500

Transport: $500

OOT Bags: $400

Floral/Arch: $800

Mariachi Band (2 hrs): $1050

DJ (4 hrs): $720

Legal Ceremony Fees: $420

Photographer (2hrs): $700

Add'l Photographer (6 hrs): Free

Wedding Coordinator/Site Fee/Chairs: $1150

Champagne Toast/Appetizers: $600

Dinner for Reception: $2100

Wine for Reception: $720

Drinks for Reception: $1500

Invites to AHR: $300

AHR: $7500


So we are at about $31,200 for 70 pp in Cabo and an open house AHR of about 200 expected. Not including my ring cuz I don't know how much it was :)



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It always hurts to add that up. But it itsn't cheap to throw a wedding. And with Cabo's popularity growing it's not going to get any cheaper!


It is good to do that every once in a while. It is east to get out of control. My budget (for everything) was 14K, we ended at around 19K

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O my I dont even want to start adding up...but let see what happens


Flight/hotel: $7500 for two weeks

dress $4000 not including veil or shoes

terry's suit $1000

rings $3000

Bridesmaid dresses and gifts $1500

Photos with Juan $ 2400 (i think..well somewhere around there)

Flowers $1000

Church $500

Dreams set up and decor...looking at $1000

Sunset cruise $1000

Music approx $1000

Hair/makeup $350

cake $250

champagne $500


o my gosh i am stopping there or im gonna have a heart attack


so far I am at $ 24,250 o boy i nee to cut down on something...Im only having approx. 16 guests

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We only have 15 people coming to our wedding. This is what we have so far:


Flight/Hotels (11days): $3900

Dress/alterations: $1500

Suit: $350

Decorations: $300

Flowers: $200

Ceremony: Included in Hotel stay

Sound System: $160

Reception: $425

OOT bags: $200

Rings: $600

Photographer: Sister-in law is one (thank goodness) FREE!

Spa gift to sister-in-law: $250

possible fireworks: $500

possible videographer: $800


TOTAL FOR DW: $9,185 (maybe $7,885 if we don't do fireworks or have videographer)



Invites for AHR: $350

rental: $1000

caterer: $2100

Bar: $1000

DJ: $450

Cake: $250

Transportation: $150

Decorations: $500 (aunt is WC...gets most stuff for free!!!)



Grand Total: $14,985

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