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K I sort of just tallied up what the costs of everything are looking like. One month to go still though!

Ceremony & Reception @ Dreams ~$2200

Flowers ~ $1600

Cake ~$350

Music ~$250

Photographer ~$4000 (with travel)

Lighting, table linens, chairs, dance floor $2100

Wine ~ $1000

Favors & OOT bags ~$800

Rings ~$1500

Wedding dress and Groom outfit and accessories $4800

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen outfits (we paid we have 2 each) ~$1000

Hair and makeup 2 bms and me, hair and makeup trial for me, plus mani/pedis for moms, bms and me ~1500

Invitations & STDs ~$2000

Website ~$50

Our stay for 10 days (used points for business class flights) ~$2200 (I think but I cannot remember)


Sooooooo that looks like about $25,350, if I added right. I dunno how some of you are doing it for $6K because I felt like we were being really budget. The good thing is we've been engaged for over 2 years so we paid for a lot of this stuff over time.


Our honeymoon - We did our honeymoon actually before our wedding because the timing was better. And it was so completely out of control I'm not adding it up, I did an estimate, and let's just say it was ridiculous.


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DWbride615:  I think you budget is reasonable give the wedding will be in Europe and you are paying for their accommodations.  Our budget for our wedding is 25k to 35k and I am hoping to stay under that and we are only paying for 4 people(bestman and wife as they are getting married a month after we are and my little sister and brother) and the rest of the guests will be paying for their own accomodations even though we intially had in our budget to pay for 20 guests.  So far our budget is looking like this:


Invites & STD :                     650 -Magent STD and Custome Passport boardpass invites

Photographer:                    2,600- Photo Souvenir

DJ and cocktail

hour entertainment:             1,250  

Room and Air:                    3,800 ten night stay at Dreams

Reception SSG                  3,000

Pastor Rick:                         300

Rings:                               1,100

Cocktail Party:                      500

OOT Bags so far:                  200

estimate flowers:                1,000

Estimate Wedding Attire     3,000

Extras such as decor,

rooms etc:                         4,000


I am still hoping to cut and bargain for a couple of things but if that doesn't happen this is what we have so far.  I still think it is a bargain compared to what we would have paid for a wedding here at home.  Also the pricing is for about 50 people. 

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Hey DWBride615

I didnt just mean your wedding alone... Iv noticed that some brides are spending alot of money on a wedding down south, more power to um if they can do it. But for me that much, is crazy on a wedding down south.


As I said good for them if they want to :)

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Here is my very tentative budget (we are in the planning process), for around 40 guests in Punta Cana (all inclusive):


Flights: $1000

Hotel: $3400

Wedding ceremony & reception: $2500

Wedding bands: $2400

Dress: $0 (wedding gift from my parents)

Suit: $150

Hair trial at home: $50

Hair at resort: included

Accessories: $150

Photography: ?

Wedding favors: $250

STD magnets & postage: $150

Bridesmaid dresses: $450

Groomsmen suits: $450


Total so far $10,950

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 My fiance and I are still finishing grad school up until our wedding so our budget is tight. Hopefully our 2 years of tightwad planning will pay off!


Engagement Pics $100
Save The Date Magnets $60
Invitations $100
Mailing Cost $150
Resort Stay- 11 nights $4,200
Flight- 2 people $600
Reception Cost $5,500
Wedding Dress $1,000
Suit $250
Rings $1,000
Favors $300
Stationary Items $100
Bridal Accessories $300
Wedding Party Gifts $300
Clothes for Trip $1,000
Photographer $5,500


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Originally Posted by erinbrooke124 View Post

Wow! This is really helpful...makes me feel good about some things, and not so good about others :)  Nice to compare though.

Yah, I feel the same. Its nice to see what other people are figuring into their budgets. Everyone's priorities are different though :)

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I am soooo happy to have found this thread! I am just starting... as in, I don't even know where I want to get married yet, but I needed an idea for a budget. For those of you who have already gotten married or are close enough to really know your final budgets, please let me know if I am crazy here.... I would LOVE to be under $20,000 but think I may have approx. 50 guests. Is that insane or do you think it is doable? I don't need anything too crazy, but would like to have a nice gazebo ceremony and a beach reception that is private and with an open bar for my guests. Is $20,000 doable?? THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!

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Flights/Trips for both of us: $3400

Invitations & other stationary: $100

Centerpieces & Decor: $50

Resort Fees: $1100

Steel Drum Band: $400

Dress : $650 $0 (gift from my mom)

Alterations: $200

Grooms Attire: $250

Bridesmaids Dresses: $160

Groomsmen Shirts: $80

Photographer: $1500

Flowers: $225

Wedding Rings: $450

Budget for Tips: $100

Budget for Gifts: $250

Honeymoon: $2200


Total: $10,465


I think we're doing pretty good... especially considering we're going on a honeymoon as well. Let's see what other costs end up coming up :)

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