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We actually never set a budget blush2.gif we were kinda of just going with it without going overboard. And my parents are footing most of the bill and never told me a budget either so it'll be very interesting to see a grand total at the end of this. I'll remember to post a better estimate after it's all said and done!

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Between my parents, bride & groom, and groom's parents, we were all going to sit down and sort of work out a budget (in our family, the trend has been to split it three ways...) but we never sat down and my parents just started pitching in where they could, and now it's 4 months away and I had to sit down and write down the important totals and give them to my mom, I was thinking well, you never asked for a budget in the beginning, so I tacked on a lil extra just in case.

My FI and I have already paid everything off for our honeymoon in Belize ($2700) and our stay at Dreams PV ($2300) so my mom really doesn't want us to pay for anything else.

I already have my MOH's dress ($50) and present ($100) plus hair style at resort, and GM attire ($175) and I started purchasing OOT bag stuff - pretty much all done, we are doing the maracas from Mishka in PV for favors ($4.25 each so total about $200)

Our airfare was free because my mom had miles.

My dress was a sample sale Maggie Sottero - ($400) haven't done alterations yet!

The main things....

Catering at Dreams ($2650 for first 20 ppl, and prob $1350 for additional 30 ppl)

Photog Paulina ($1250 for 6 hours already paid $500 deposit)

DJ ($630)

Floral ($200-$300)

So, parents don't have much to come up with I guess - about $6000 or so.


I know all the little things add up, like jewelry, hair, decorations, special added touches etc

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Below is our budget... Our goal is to stay under 10K. We are expecting 35-40 guests!

So far so good!


Wedding Breakfast$75

Welcome Dinner$700

Marriage License$93.50


Wedding Video$650

Extra Chairs $30

Blessing Stones$25

Photo CD $125

Extra Chairs $45

Reception Room$75

Cake $200

Punch ( 3 gallons)$65

Set up fee$25

Hotel & Flight$1,300

Rental Car$250

Rings $1,500

AHR $1,800


STD's $15

Ceremony Fans$40

TTD $275

Welcome Books$25


Misc. $100

Dress $600

Tux $300

Total: $9,664

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OK Our Budget starting out was $10,000. We were expecting about 15 guests. Well our total guest count ended up being 39. While our wedding isn't for 3 more months I'll give you our projected budget. Thus far we've spent $4686.82. Our current budget is only $11,720. I've done a great job of staying within this 11,720 budget as this has been the projected budget for at least 4 months, However we are prepared to go to $15,000 but have no desire to go over $12,000. Our spending $$ for the 8 day cruise is not added in...


Here's a breakdown:

Our Cruise: 2905.82

Our Attire:700 (my parents helped with my dress, but my fiance is getting his attire made so we really have no idea what the price will be)

Our Flights: 400

Ring: 250 (just his, my engagement ring and wedding band came as a set so we already have it yay, I sneak and try it on at least weekly lol)

Favors/OOTs: 500

Invites: 275

Pastor's Offering: 300

$$ to give to wedding party: 1000

Ceremony items: 120

Everything that we pay to our WC for wedding and Reception: 4081

St Thomas tour and transportation: 1200

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Just wanted to say thanks to you all for being so open with your budgets...it really helps to get a realistic idea of what a DW costs and it also makes you appreciate the warmth of this forum and everyone's willingness to help smile03.gif

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Here's mine so far:


Travel/ accomodations for both of us: $6000

Riu Caprice fee: $2500

Private reception fee: $500

Private menu: $1095

DJ: $480

Photography/video: $1790

Fireworks: $1800

Flowers (real touch) $350

Welcome dinner/rehearsal: $1000

Transportation: $472

Total: $15987


I haven't added in the extra costs like chair bows, table runners, fans, oot bags and contents, pashminas, cigars, bridal party gifts, etc. If I think about how much I am going to spend I start hyperventilating.smile41.gif

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Thanks for the post Savannah. My fiance and I have a budget set at $4K and after reading some of the posts I started to wonder if it was possible. I am planning to make the STD's and invites to try and save money. There are a few details I originally forgot about (duh the rings!), but I'm thinking we will be able to stay on track.

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I wondered if anyone wouldn't mind sharing their costs for Cuba. I hear its fairly inexpensive there and they also provide some free wedding packages. It would help a lot!




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