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How long will you be gone from work for wedding?

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Ooh- this was exciting to figure out! I work 3- 12 hour shifts a week, so I will be off for a total of 17 nights! This required taking 5 nights (60 hours) of vacation. My last shift is Thursday April 26, and I don't work again until May 14th. Only 9 more shifts to work before we go- woohoo!

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Originally Posted by TAMMYM View Post
Sarah are you getting excited?
omg yes! 4 weeks from today- we leave for Cabo 3 weeks from this Wednesday. I can't believe it's almost here! I'm printing my welcome letters as we speak:)
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Sarah, I can't believe its almost your day! All of you girls that I met when I first joined, christa, tasha, tammy, ann, edyta etc.... I know there are more, you're all getting married so soon! It makes me sad that you girls won't be around as much anymore, but happy to see pics and hear all about your special day!


You have got to be getting so excited!

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