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Help is the normal ????

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#11 jesjess

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    Posted 23 December 2008 - 08:58 AM

    I'm From The Netherlands, and here it is a big NO for the groom to see the dress of his bride before the ceremony, But the other way around too. Here the guys put alot of effort in finding the perfect outfit. And want it to be a suprise for his bride. The feeling we have to show our dress, is for the guys outfit exact the same. Brides often seem to forget that the wedding is also for the groom a big thing. They want to be a part of it, and that includes deciding on stuff. If we would give them some slack, you will see it is gonna be great, and it would be so boring if everything is organized and scheduled perfectly, so no suprises can be done...

    #12 sportsdog2

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      Posted 23 December 2008 - 09:51 PM

      My FI has not decided on what he is going to where. I've showed him several dresses that I am considering, as well as discussed the colors with him. Neither of us want anything formal, but he likes to "yank my chain" when we discuss his clothing for the wedding. I'm not worried as he has great taste and always picks appropriate clothing for the occassion. I know he is not going to wear Timberland boots, jeans and a jacket despite his teasing.

      #13 divadivine25

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        Posted 23 December 2008 - 11:44 PM

        Originally Posted by blurt
        He said he doesn't know what I am wearing so he's not telling me what he is wearing.
        LOL! Thats true!

        Anyway, as long as your not worried about his taste, you should be fine. Just make sure that he isnt planning to wear shorts and a tropical shirt!

        #14 JUSTUSTWO


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          Posted 24 December 2008 - 12:05 AM

          If he typcially dresses well then I wouldn't worry. DH & I went thru the same thing. He told me that he can't see what I'm wearing so why should I see what he's wearing!
          He also told me that the focus was gonna be on me anyway, so what he was wearing shouldn't be a big deal! Yeah right!!!

          Initially it was frustrating and once I realized that he wasn't going to change his mind, I gave him our colors & I got over it & was happy in the end.
          So trust him & try to relax about it. You said you gave him the color scheme so I'm sure he won't disappoint!

          #15 ~*Lisa*~

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            Posted 24 December 2008 - 09:39 AM

            That's awesome that he wants to do that. I would definitely make sure though to drop some strong hints or show him colors that you want. My FI thinks dressing up is wearing ugly jeans and a t-shirt so I would NEVER let him do that! lol He's getting better though, since I've taken away his ugly clothes and replaced them with new ones! lol

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