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Holy Crap...One Week!

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Originally Posted by Duchess View Post
Getting there, still not packed though, and I need a mani, pedi, and hightlights. I leave the day after tomorrow! Yikes.
woohoo congrats!!!! yes we want lots and lots of pics...

what do you mean you are not packed yethuh.gif? crack to it missy!!! lol lol lol

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Yep, I leave tomorrow and need to pack TODAY. I am so disorganized. We are having and MC with ipod instead of a DJ and I never imagined how difficult playlists would be. So I am behind! But it will get done. I travel a lot and pack pretty well. My lovely soon to be hubby is planning to pull an all nighter to pack, because his work suddenly got ridiculously demanding.


So we leave tomorrow morning (12/24) if not delayed. Hey Chi Town ladies, werent we supposed to get 8 inches last night? Doesnt look like it out my window!

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