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10 Budgeting Tips for the Frugal Minded :)

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This was a great post. It shall prove to be a huge help. I am an impulse buyer yet I can't help but gloat to my friends that I paid $25 for Guess heels when they spent $100! The only problem I have is the space to keep everything 1 year and a half before the wedding. lol I am doing a lot of DIY projects:STDs,Invitations, Programs. I've found the flower girls dress for like $34.99 online and the bridesmaid dress for $84 online. I am also contemplating on a knock off dress to save some serious dough as the Pronovias dress that I fell in love with is $2700. Thanks for the tip regarding shoes tho. I will definitely look in the winter. But where has everyone gone to score deals on the jewelry?

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Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie, so forgive me if this question belongs somewhere else...


Can one recommend any specific iPhone/iPad apps that work well for destination wedding budgeting?


Thanks in advance!

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