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10 Budgeting Tips for the Frugal Minded :)

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This is a great list! I feel good, cause I've been doing all of these things. Although we are going w/ the real flowers. With the cost of checked bags now we can't bring everything w/ us. We need those checked bags for necessities, and now I looked and to check an additional bag, is $200!!!!! And I don't trust shipping. So i guess I will really just cut costs elsewhere and take my flowers and centerpieces!

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Just a suggestion to add to your list...


Wedding dresses/bridesmaid dresses/MOB and MOG dresses dont have to come from a bridal store!


My wedding dress is actually an Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress that they are doing in white (spent less than $200 that way!)


My bridesmaids picked out beautiful dresses online for about $40 each!


MOB & MOG found dresses on clearance in the formal department of Macys...


I think we paid less than $500 for all 5 dresses! Gotta love that! pinkie.gifpinkie.gifpinkie.gif

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Great Thread! Is $10,00 your budget of everything? I would love to see samples of what you have so far, especially the stuff from VistaPrints.


I'm freaking out over my budget right now. I thought this thing would cost me 10K-12K but after doing my budget, I'm at 19K. FH is going to freak when he sees that.

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