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Parents cant get a Birthday cake for son named Hitler

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This was a local news story not sure if it made national headlines. What a bunch of wack jobs!




Meet Baby Adolph Hitler's Family

Family Upset With Store Over Cake

Last Edited: Thursday, 18 Dec 2008, 2:25 PM EST

Created: Thursday, 18 Dec 2008, 1:39 PM EST


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Slideshow: Meet Adolph's Family




Phillipsburg, N.J. -- Meet the couple angry with a Shop Rite in New Jersey that wouldnâ€t sell them a cake with that name.


Video: Meet Adolph's Family | Slideshow: Meet Adolph's Family


Adolph Hitler Campbell is just like any other 3-year old boy, said mother Deborah Campbell.


"It's not like he's' growing up to be a killer or nothing like that."


"I went to just to get a cake... it was a circus of racism," said Heath Campbell, little Adolph's dad.


Heath and Deborah Campbell are also the parents of 2-year old JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and an 8-month old, Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, and both acknowledge the hate behind their children's names.


But say that was not their intention.


So why the names?


"This is America, they say it's free, you have the right to name your child whatever you want to name your child, no mater what," Heath Campbell said.


In response, a Shop Rite spokeswoman says this was the third time the family tried to get the cake made and they never refused them, but offered to make it without the name.


The Campbell's refused.


The 35-year old father, Heath Campbell, has several swastika tattoos on his arms with the name Hitler written on his hand.


Campbell also wears German Nazi boots.


Heath says, "a person makes a person...a name doesn't."


The Campbells say they are not planning to sue Shop Rite but they are demanding an apology.


A spokeswoman for the store chain says that is not going to happen.

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Yeah, I read about this in our local paper and also saw it on AOL news so I guess it went national as well.


Why on earth would you give your children those names?!

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Ummm yeah, that is crazy! I'd be uncomfortable with someone who has swastika tattoos asking me to write "happy birthday Adolf Hitler" on a birthday cake...gee! I'm all for freedom of speech etc and if that's what he wants on the cake then I guess they should honor it, but I think this scenario would freak most people out.

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Shoprite had a policy about not putting anything harmful on the cake or offensive. So i dont blame them for not putting it on there. I think Walmart ended up making the cake for them stating it was the customers wishes.


I had to laugh today when i watched the people on the news claiming it's just a name they like while the guy is showing off all his swastikas and hitler tattoos. And i guess they just like the name aryan nation too which isnt even a name. Idiot! If you feel so strongly about your prejudice beliefs than be a man on the news and dont try to bs us by saying it's just a name you like.

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Cah-ra-za-heeeeeeee. That's wack.


I fully support Shop Rite denying writing that on the cake. Anyway, who gets full name written on cakes? Adolph isn't a bad name (far as I know). And isn't that usually what a cake would say "Happy 3rd Birthday, Adolph!" Not "Happy 3rd Birthday, Adolph Hitler Campbell".


They are just ridiculous.

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The names are ridiculous and even if they weren't associated with pure evil, they just sound stupid! I support their right to have that garbage written on a cake because of the whole freedom of expression factor but I suppose the store had a right to refuse it too if that is their policy.


In any case the parents could have bough a plain cake and written the poor child's name on it with a $2 tube of frosting. And if you're going to go all pro-evil then commit to it, don't act like you know not what you did when you named your kids. Idiots.

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A couple of things piss me off about this (besides the obvious)

- These kids don't have a chance. Until they are old enough to change their names they have to live with them. It's not the parents that go to school/apply for job/etc with those names. It's the poor kids.


- The #&@*%^(@$^ cowardice of the parents. We all know you are racist white supremacists based on your tats and childrens' names. Don't deny it. I'm sure they are all loud, proud and strong at their KKK rallies - but too chicken to say what the names are really about in the national media. Don't patronize us with that lame answer. Free speech? It's not about free speech, don't hide behind that.


- Make the damn cake yourself you lazy ass faces.


Can you tell this makes me mad?

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I agree with everything you just said Kate.


If they have such strong beliefs than they should of changed their names to Hitler and Aryan Nation and let their kids have normal names while they grew up.

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