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Archie510's Riu Palace Riviera Maya Review 11.20.08

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What can I say, we had a blast at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya! All I gotta say, is that I want to go back and do it all over again, just to be able to relive that experience. I will forever be grateful to the hotel, their staff, and everyone there that was able to make my day very special and unforgettable. All 50 of my guests keep taking about it and were so happy to have joined us on our special day. The memories will forever be in all our hearts!

I know how important these reviews are, as I got so much information from them myself while planning and anticipating my departure to the beautiful Riviera Maya.

So I hope you enjoy this review and the pics, and hopefully this will help you in your planning.



It was a breeze to check in. All though I was a little disappointed w/ the upgrade they promised. I guess I was hoping to get lucky and get upgraded to the 2 story suite w/ a Jacuzzi w/ an ocean view, but that didnâ€t happen. They assured us that we got an upgrade, but when we saw other guests rooms, they were just like ours. The only difference may have been the view, and we received courtyard view. We tried to upgrade to that 2 story suite, but there werenâ€t any available. So we stayed in our designated room. (my suggestion to the future brides out there, just book that suite, because it will make for killer pics! It has a spiral staircase. I was lucky enough to have my neighbors over hear me when I was getting ready for my wedding and they came over and offered their suite for pics!



Since we stayed at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya, we had access to all other Riu hotels in that area. We were running late and rushing, so we took a cab to the Riu Palace (since we werenâ€t sure how close it would be). Well, Iâ€m going to save you $10. When you exit the hotel at the lobby, make a left and walk down. You will pass a few hotels on the right, but you will run into it within a 5 minute walk! Needless to say, when we were done we walked back.

The coordinators were nice and we filled out some additional paperwork and picked all the extras for the wedding. This is the last opportunity to make things happen, so if you have any questions or concerns, you need to address them at that point.

You have 4 choices when it comes to the bouquet, Any thing the others are at additional cost. I didnâ€t go the extra mile since the free once are really nice. I loved my bouquet!

There was once Hiccup that I wasnâ€t happy about, but they fixed it. When we were corresponding via e-mail regarding our wedding dinner reservations, I specifically stated that I wanted a private dinner, with a reception and a DJ for Dancing. I asked where this would be possible and was told I had two options. Chiliâ€s Steakhouse or Boto-Fogo (Brazilian). So I chose Chiliâ€s. Well, when we got down to it, they told us they couldnâ€t do a private reception because they need at least 80 ppl to close out chiliâ€s for a private dinner and DJ reception. I got a little upset because I sent many e-mails stating that I wanted a private dinner w/ reception and they knew how many in my party, so if they new they couldnâ€t offer Chiliâ€s why would they offer it. So they were able to get me Boto Fogo. At that point something was better than nothing. (In a way, it worked out, because after the cocktail hour(s) we went in at 8:45 to eat and sometime during dinner it started to pour! We would have gotten a bit wet at chiliâ€s since itâ€s an open air restaurant that faces the beach.



Our welcome dinner was at Don Manoloâ€s (Buffet) It was sectioned off, but it felt as if we were the only ones there, because they have a partition that seperates that area and the rest of the dinning areas and buffet stations. They set it up w/ champagne glasses and went around pouring champagne and wine before dinner. It was perfect, because they set a table for 2 on the far front so everyone could see us, and all the tables were in a row across the room. We did the speeches and toasted to everyone that made it and a special shot out to our parents. Everyone was tearing up ESPECIALLY me! The food was delicious!



I woke up and got a massage w/ my Maid of Honor who so happened to be turning 30 that day (Yes, I kinda stole her day, BUT she had a blast and was very happy that day!) We got breakfast and I gave her, her b-day and MOH Gifts.

After that I went to get my hair done at Renova Spa (which did a great job, I have thick wavy hair and hate when people do it, because Iâ€m NEVER Satified, BUT I LOVED IT)

After that it was a whirl wind, everything happened so fast. When I got back into my room to get ready, My flowers were there! My wedding was at 4 pm, and the only time I saw the coordinator was when she came into my room to get me to walk down to the Gazebo. But they have multiple people working the wedding and they had everything under control down at the Wedding Gazebo.

My wedding was short and sweet, I loved it! They used all the decorations that I brought for them to put up, and made it look real nice!


Our Cocktail hour was really 5 hours. It worked out really well for us. We booked the Mariachi for 4 hours and a Trio for 1. I am Mexican, so we love Mariachi Music and we started the party right away. We danced our first dance to Mariachi, did the Father and daughter dance. Threw the bouquet and garter. We do this thing called “ La Culebra†(the Snake). Right before we throw the bouquet or garter, all the single women or men, hold hands and run around, in between tables and objects. Then they stand behind the person who is throwing the item and try to catch it. They had champagne w/ sliced strawberries on a table for our guests (mind you, I didnâ€t order this or ask for it, so it was a nice treat and surprise!)



We had our private reception at Boto Fogo which is a Brazilian themed restaurant. If you have over 50 ppl, they will reserve it for you. Good size dance space, and we had a bar and DJ set up. To keep cost down you can use your Ipod and you donâ€t need to have a bar in the restaurant. What they do is go over to the Lirico (a bar next to Boto Fogo, but it may take a while to get your drinks!

If you get a DJ its only for 3 hours, and it seems like time flies, so if you go w/ the DJ, Bring your Ipod and use that after the DJ is done.


Overall it was the best wedding EVER! (Doesnâ€t hurt that it was mine!) All my guests got along, became friends and had a blast! Now weâ€re waiting for someone else to get engaged so we can do it again! Weâ€re seriously thinking about doing an annual trip, because the group that made it there was OFF DA HOOK!!!


This is the link to my Web Gallery (not all, but some of the welcome dinner, wedding & TTD)


Arcelia & Jonathan


This is the Link to my Non Pro Pics onShutterfly



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Great review!!! This resort was my 2nd choice for our upcoming wedding! I am so glad you had a wonderful time! I love your pics!!!! You looked absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!!!!

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Congratulations!!!! I am so glad you had a great time. We are getting married there in August and we are going to get the mariachi band, but not the d.j. We also are going to do the semi private reception dinner at Chili's hopefully. I am so glad you said that the 2 story suite is amazing b/c that is what we reserved. You look gorgeous in your pics and your review has really pumped me up about the RPRM!!! Thanks!

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Great review! Riu Palace RM is definitely on my list of places to visit. Your pictures are amazing & you looked beautiful. Love your dress!

Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you!!! Maggie Sottero is the designer for this dress. I really loved it because not only does it have the sweatheart neckline that I wanted, but it has rouching on the corset AND a Slit!!! How awesome is that!!! Too Perfect for a destination wedding and a Trash the dress session!

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