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JCREW dresses in.... stress is greatly reduced!

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Per my last rant about the bridesmaid dresses!!!


They just came in this afternoon!!!!!!


Like a little kid at Christmas, I ran to my office, tore into the box and hung them on my bulletin board... they are a little wrinkly - but they are perfect.....


I then ran to the IT department to steal a camera to show them off to my BM's and of course to my ladies at BDW...


Without further ado....


My 2 'light flamingo' Silk taffeta dresses from JCrew.

Click the image to open in full size.

On the right is the dress for my BM/Best Friend/New Momma - I think it will suit her perfectly!


The dress on the left is for my sister/MOH - it is actually a strapless number but as in the description on the JCrew website, it has a corseted insert - I was really surprised when I saw the quality of the dress - see pic below.

Click the image to open in full size.




They have yet to try them on, but I think we'll be in the clear!


Thank you for seeing me through the drama!


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