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Want to start "baby-trying" in March....

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Originally Posted by JessicaLovesBrian View Post
This was basically what happened to me. I got pregnant in April (planned), got married in May. It did kind of suck not being able to drink during the wedding and honeymoon, but it was totally worth it. The only downside is that I threw up a few times on the way to the ceremony (I had horrid "morning" sickness). Luckily I refrained from barfing during the ceremony, but I felt nauseas a couple of times during the vows.

smile120.gif Jessica you had me rolling on the floor laughing after reading about your bout of morning sickness the day of the wedding! Well at least you have a memory you can hopefully look back now and laugh at it. I had morning sickness too with my 5 year old. So I can see me excusing my self durning the ceremony to puke in my barf bucket! lol well at least it will just be my fiance and judge grossed out by my puking since me and the fiance are eloping!eek.gif

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I was on the pill for 8 years and we decided we were ready to start trying in April. I got off the pill and we started trying the very next month. I thought I got preggo right away b/c my period was 2 weeks "late." Turns out, my cycle is 40 days (it's been exactly 28 for the past 8 years, how could I have known!:) LOL Well, we got pregnant early September after I used one of those on-line calculator's to figure out when I ovulate and I only had 3 periods between getting off the pill and getting knocked up :)


I agree with everyone who said that it's different for everyone and to absolutely start taking prenatal vitamins once you do get off the pill. Good luck! and happy trying! S&M.gif wink.gif


Hope to see you on the mommy thread soon! smile02.gif

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