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My perfect proposal!

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Every March we go to Florida for a week or two...depending on how much vaca time we have. This past March we went to Florida for a week and then on a cruise for a week, my parents joined for for the cruise portion of the vacation.


We had a balcony stateroom on the ship. It was FI's first cruise and my second. After we boarded the ship we were walking around and I became fascinated with this pink ship that we could see. Of course FI said it was red and not pink, but I insisted it was a pink barge. After the muster drill we returned to our room and I was excited to go up to the deck to meet with my CruiseCritic buddies but FI insisted that we have a glass of champagne and watch the ship shove off from our balcony. I was bummed but it sounded like a good trade off. FI was running back and forth form the door to the balcony waiting for this champagne and I kept saying "Will you relax it will be here." (Now that I look back it was a nervous thing....not being able to sit down)


So, we got just a little out from the port and saw the pink barge...it turned out to be red - but a very light red! :-D We finally got our champagne and sat and looked back at the city of Miami. Another ship came up and FI said to me "Hmmm what color is that ship?" I turned to look at the ship and turned back at him and there he was on his knee with this gorgeous ring and he just started to go on and on about how perfect I was and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me....I started crying and I was so in awe that I didn't even hear him ask me if I would marry him! I just kept "OMG"ing and after about a minute he said "You never answered me" and stupid me I said "Answered what?" LOL It was amazing. So perfect. I couldn't have asked for anything better!!


I wore the ring all that day and and my parents never noticed....very observant I know! But that night before dinner FI called and had them come to our room for a cruise-kick-off toast and to announce the news. My father is a keeps-to-himself kinda guy so he was just ok great about the news but my mother es ecstatic.


So was the jump start to a great week in the Caribbean! Now, I'm starting to plan another perfect week int he Caribbean!

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Well....on Dec 23rd it will be one year since Jeff and I have been engaged. We have been together since Sept 2001 and I was READY! I was waiting FOREVER but to say the least...I was def surpised!!! Jeff and I live in an apartment in Phila, pa . We decorated the tree and put all our wrapped presents under the tree. On the morning of Dec 23rd we woke up and watched a football game. I was so stressed with other things that needed to be done before Xmas that I did not pay attention to anything Jeff was saying. He had the tree lit and kept saying...doesn't the tree look so nice. This was at 11am. We went to breakfast where his family thought he already proposed but they all kept their mouths shut as I did not find the ring yet. We came home and we were watching more TV when I realized there was a present on the top of the Christmas tree. It was my ring. Jeff got the box off the top of the tree and got down to ask me to Marry him. I was nervous I said yah...yea..YES!!!! Best day of my life :)

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