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HELP Grand Palladium Brides!!!!

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#281 OchieBride

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    Posted 24 July 2009 - 10:28 AM

    JerseyKitten, how did you create that seal with your names and palm trees?

    #282 jk1101

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      Posted 24 July 2009 - 10:39 AM

      I had my monogram mde for me by Sarah from Sproulle Designs

      Sproullie Designs - Home

      She's a vendor on here - she does great work!http://bestdestinati...om/forum/t14940

      #283 OchieBride

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        Posted 24 July 2009 - 10:42 AM

        great thanks! btw, was it pricey?

        #284 jk1101

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          Posted 24 July 2009 - 10:45 AM

          3 Mongrams were $15 plus 1 free

          #285 OchieBride

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            Posted 24 July 2009 - 10:51 AM

            wow thats amazing! ill check her site out.

            EVENT PERMIT

            Another Q - Most of my guest will be Jamaican's living abroad and may stay with family instead of at the resort. Jacynthia had mentioned an event permit and said it would be cheaper than paying the addition per person charge plus the off site visitor pass but she's hasn't gotten back to me on how much this event permit would be...has anyone else heard of this?

            #286 jh17

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              Posted 24 July 2009 - 11:06 AM

              Thanks for all the info Jen! Your pics are great!

              I had asked Jascynthia to email me the standard ceremony (b/c I also want a civil cermony with minimal references to God). She sent it to me and there are a lot of references and bible quotations so I have rewritten the whole ceremony myself (well, I put together stuff I found on the internet). I emailed it to Jascynthia and she said it won’t be a problem to use the one I have written (they just have to made sure all the necessary components are there to make the ceremony legal). Hope that helps!


              #287 JennyLynnLong140

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                Posted 24 July 2009 - 12:18 PM

                One complaint is that we asked for a Civil ceremony and we had some God references in the readings but we let it go. Make sure you tell Jascynthia which one you want and make sure she lets the judge/Minister know.

                Did you specifically tell them that you didn't want any mention of God? Or do you think we'd just need to really hammer it in when we have the civil ceremony that we really don't want any mention of that at our wedding.

                We said Civil and ya i said it was really important to not mention God in any of it and i guess the message didn't get across, apparently my guests told me she was holding a sign halfway through that said Civil so the minister could see it but maybe he just ignored her? Just be VERY clear to her and hopefully it will be fine. He only said it maybe 3 times to it wasn't the end of the world.

                The music was played through our ipod and was very good sound and they use a microphone so all the guests could here no problem.

                We did not get the DJ, we had 2 MC’s and our IPOD and they gave us a wireless mic and speaker, very easy to use and sound was great. The dance floor was in the hub to the left of us were we danced till 10pm and then went to party with the reggae band upstairs which were AMAZING!

                How did it work to have the IPOD for the ceremony - did someone just hit play and just went from there?

                The DJ was there and he controlled it and for the lag time he played music and had music while we were doing the signing as well.

                All in all the day was great, yes our wedding was delayed 45min,

                Did you have enough filler music for your delayed ceremony or did you not have music during the delay?

                As above the DJ was there and took care of it and that is included in your package for him to be there its no extra.

                Just make sure when Jascynthia sets your meeting that its actually with her, b/c the first time I met I got her assistant who was useless and I had a total melt down and met with Jascynthia the next day. She managed to get most things right but she isn’t the nicest of people. We think they really need to hire someone with a little more passion for weddings!

                Also, and I guess this is for everyone - is the resort very crowded? Are the buffets super crowded and hard to get to the food and the pools very full?

                When we were there it was at 52% capcity so we never had to wait in line for a la carte, buffets and had chairs for everyone by the beach and pool. It was great!

                If u need anything else just let me know!

                Jen :)

                #288 OchieBride

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                  Posted 25 July 2009 - 08:33 PM

                  I know the Blue Lagoon is $100/hr...does this cover meals or is this just the venue rental fee (FYI - I would be taking the Tropical Package)?

                  #289 turk

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                    Posted 26 July 2009 - 12:46 PM

                    Has anyone received their marriage certificate?

                    #290 zuzelh

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                      Posted 26 July 2009 - 05:54 PM

                      Originally Posted by danalauren22
                      We also did a U shaped set up. We made our own place cards and I gave the WC a diagram of where I wanted everyone to sit. It was set up perfect when we arrived.


                      So did you gave J your place cards for everyone's seating and she just placed them at the tables (according to your seating chart?)

                      The reason I was asking is cuz I was thinking of using sand dollars as the place cards with table numbers on them (Sand dollars Personalized, hand written Sanddollar Escort Cards, seating place cards Gulf sand dollar, Florida Keyhole sand dollar, Arrowhead sand dollar, shells). But I would have to put them in a basket because they won't stand on their own. So I'm guessing this idea wouldn't work out if you end up giving your place cards to J and she sets them up on the actual table.... .

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