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Hopeful Destination Bride, Engaged for 2 weeks!

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Hello all!

My name is Lacey and this is my first post. I am brand new to the forum and you all were highly recommended by a user on TripAdvisor.com. I am not sure yet about my wedding date or location. My Fiance and I are considering several places (Aruba, Puerto Rico, Cancun) but we don't have any specific ideas about what we are looking for yet! We are considering getting married in May of 2010 but wouldn't mind September of that same year. The only problem is hurricane season (of course!), though I hear that places like Aruba are outside of the hurricane zone? I am really excited to have found a place to share advice and learn important tips from other destination brides. I would really appreciate any advice anyone has on the preliminary planning phase, especially tips on how to make all of our important people (parents, siblings, best friends) okay with the idea of a destination wedding. Hope to start chatting soon!



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