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Photographers: Sandals' website says I can't hire outside vendors!

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#1 futuremrsp

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    Posted 09 December 2008 - 01:26 AM

    My apologies as I'm sure this is addressed somewhere on the forum, but I haven't been able to find it...

    I was hoping to hire an outside vendor for photography-I'd like more options, originality, etc. The Sandals website says outside vendors are strictly prohibited; is this true?? How can I get around this? Has anyone hired an outside photographer for their Sandals Ocho Rios Wedding?

    I'd appreciate any feedback!

    Thanks everyone!


    #2 O'Driscoll Photography

    O'Driscoll Photography
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      Posted 09 December 2008 - 01:42 AM

      There are a few venues that have that type of a policy. The rationale behind it is that they want to be the only ones who provide photography, and thus increase their profit by "cornering" the market. However, there are ways around it. You could choose another venue that doesn't have that sort of policy. Or, if you still want to have your wedding there, you could bring in an outside photographer but this person would be a "friend with a camera", and would sit with the other guests.

      Best wishes,

      #3 Roxyk05

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        Posted 09 December 2008 - 01:51 AM

        I'm having the same problem...but I've heard of people that hire photographers and then they pay for their resort stay/accomodations for a few days (3) and also flights (if the photographer is not local to your destination) plus the regular photography charges...which can end up being quite expensive. But there are options around this if you are willing to pay for it : )

        Is anyone taking this route? And if so how much is it costing you?

        #4 2bebridejamaica

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          Posted 09 December 2008 - 12:09 PM

          Hey Sarah, Since I just recently got married at Beaches Negril, I can tell you this was something that I hated/horrified me about the chain up until I actually got Jamaica. I was beyond worried about how my photos might look since I was unable to bring or use an outside vendor. I tried getting samples, but they don't offer that as they do not ask guests to sign anything to reproduce their images. Seriously though, I am happy with my photos even if they are posey and not the journalistic side I wanted. Check out my thread on my photos...

          As for bringing in someone and pretending to be a family friend to get around the whole no outside vendor thing... this happened the day before my wedding, They were from the UK and brought someone over to get shots, They invited Jay and I over to watch the ceremony (we had the same location), well Beaches was not too happy... The outside vendor was cutting off the Beaches guy and telling the guests to look at him and not Beaches for particular pictures. Beaches ended up telling the other photog to sit down and let the ceremony finish or he was going to be "released" from the property. YIKES!!

          #5 futuremrsp

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            Posted 09 December 2008 - 03:29 PM

            Wow...this sounds complex! Thanks for your help and suggestions...

            I guess what I'm worried about is the fact that we are the only 2 people attending...so the photog would be our only "guest" lol

            I definitely would want to hire a photog out of Jamaica, and then I guess I would pay their day pass. But I wouldn't want them to be "released" from the property!! Especially after paying them and for taking up their time. Sigh...I, (like you Amanda), wanted the more journalistic style as you said...photography is an art and you should be able to choose your artist!!

            Thanks for your help!

            #6 ErinB


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              Posted 09 December 2008 - 03:36 PM

              I was not a Sandals bride, but did contact them. They were very strict in their no outside vendor rules.

              I would search for photos on the forum from SOR brides. Check out wedding reviews and bride referals.

              If you want something special, maybe you could hire a local photographer and do a day-shoot at the beach or at Dunn's River, etc. It could be a formal setting or something fun like a TTD or both. You might actually save some money since it wouldn't have to ba an all day thing and you could try for an off day (like Tuesday) when the photog might not be as busy as he or she would be on a Saturday.

              #7 futuremrsp

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                Posted 09 December 2008 - 04:50 PM

                Thanks a bunch, Erin, that's a great idea!

                I might even be able to get my FI to do a TTD session with me since he's an amateur photographer, and I guess we could try using the timer to get him in on some of them lol.
                We could always have fun practicing before we get there!

                Thanks again,


                #8 IrieBride08

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                  Posted 09 December 2008 - 05:41 PM

                  Ok, I think I may be the only Sandals bride who had an outside photographer. My photog was a local and the only reason I was able to use him is because he personally knew the general manager of the SGOR property and they let him onsite as a favor to the manager.

                  On my wedding day, my wedding coordinator started to give me grief about the offsite photog and wouldn't allow him on the property, but he was able to call the manager and they let him and his assistant in with no other questions.

                  While I was lucky (since I was able to get "getting ready" shots, and have the photog with me for the wedding and my offsite reception), I also had to give up some things for that privilege as well. The pictures were pretty good (still not the journalistic ones I wanted, but pretty nice) but my wedding video is pretty hokey. The great thing is that they captured the entire wedding and reception and I will always have that.

                  He was pretty reasonable though and I was able to get my pictures (high res on a disc) and the video for a pretty affordable price. PM me if you'd like additional information on him.

                  I really like Erin's idea of hiring a photog for an offsite photoshoot. That's a great option!

                  #9 rodent


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                    Posted 09 December 2008 - 05:53 PM

                    it is so frustrating that hotels do this. my friend got married at a sandals in st. lucia. it's so sad to me that she is in this amazing location & didn't get pictures that really capture it. they aren't bad, but they don't look much different than a snapshot. and they were only able to get a few.

                    I think the off site TTD is a good idea. or you might want to switch resorts if it's not too late.

                    #10 leahstafford

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                      Posted 10 December 2008 - 01:34 AM

                      I have been to two Sandals weddings and I while they do not allow outside vendors I did have permission from the coordinator of both of the resorts. My bride still bought the sandals package that include a photographer so the B/G didn't spend any less. During the ceremony, I was not obtrusive of the Sandals photographers and let them do their thing and I worked around them. They don't stay the whole time so you will have your own time with the BG. I didn't have a problem but I was very respectful even with the permission. My room was also paid for and my flight through Sandals and I stayed 3 nights for each. I went to dinner with them for both and it was like I was just another friend there. I would just have permission and I would still have buy a package from them so they aren't losing any money. Just my two cents, however, because I never want a bride to get screwed over, I don't think I'll be doing anymore weddings there. I think sandals should def. change their policy though, even if it means paying to bring in an outside vendor or paying a certain amount of nights.

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