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Esperanza -- Great deal for those getting married on November 17, 2007

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For those of you who may be considering Esperanza for November 17, 2007 (Saturday) - they offered me a great deal but I could not take it because of the many children in our wedding party.


Up to November 16, 2007, Esperanza is host to a large corporate group. So for our wedding on November 17, 2007, they offered me a lower location fee of $4,000 (Saturday regular location fee at 5,000) and lower Food and Beverage minimum at $6,000 (regular Saturday F&B minimum at $12,000). Unfortunately we could not have the wedding there due to the many children in our party and they will not allow that many children in the events area since Esperanza was designed for adults in mind.


The food and beverage costs are comparable to Sheraton and Sunset da Mona Lisa. Open bar for 3 hours is $56.00 and buffet menu is $75.00 per person.


I have pictures of the Land's End Room for indoor dancing (they don't allow outdoor amplified music). You can PM me.











Esperanza Catering Menus.doc

Esperanza Music List (2).doc

Esperanza Documents for wedding (9).doc

Esperanza Entertainment.doc

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