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Our wedding/honeymoon/TTD Shutterfly photobook

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Originally Posted by sandinmytoes View Post
Beautiful pics but we are all dying to know what was going on with that banana? wink.gif
There is a story behind the banana! I didn't have time to eat anything since I was trying to pick up our room so there wouldn't be suitcases and clothes all over when the photographer came to take the getting ready shots, and then I had to be at the spa for my 9:30 appointment. Since the flowers were late getting to the spa I didn't have any time to grab lunch. After I had gotten my dress on, my BMs asked me if I ate and I said no. Both of them and Citlalli were like you need to eat something or you are going to pass out especially because it was so hot that day and I was already sweating from taking bridal party pictures. Well, all we had in the room was the fruit basket they gave us when we arrived, which had strawberries, bananas and grapes - all fruits I hate! They forced me to eat a couple grapes and soem of the banana. I was literally gagging while I was eating the banana and they all thought it was hysterical, and in the meantime Citlalli is snapping away hence the infamous banana shot. Everyone that has seen it thinks I'm doing something perverted, but honestly it was G-rated I just really hate bananas!

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