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GBC Brand Self Laminating Luggage Tag Template

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This is my luggage tag template for GBC brand “SelfSeal Self Adhesive Laminating Pouchesâ€. The size is 2 7/8 X 4 5/8. I bought them from Staples online and they come 5 to a pack with loops: GBC® SelfSealâ„¢ Clear Laminating Pouches, Luggage Tag Size with Loops at Staples®


I downloaded a luggage tag template from Becks and it gave me a great start. Thanks you Becks!!! I quickly realized after trying to print my draft we had completely different sized tags. Having Becks template helped me a ton to at least get an idea of what to do before altering it to fit my tags.


I added a square and text box to each space on the template so you could see where to lineup the photos and personal information.


If you arenâ€t familiar with PowerPoint all you need to do is copy and paste each slide on the preview pane to create an exact copy.


We also added our logo to the bottom right corner of the personal information side. For the font we used Maiandra GD, 18 pt with the shadow setting turned on. We picked a default font that Kinkos would be sure to have so we didnâ€t have to make last minute changes when we got there.


Before printing we deleted all gridlines on the personal information page and followed the lines on the photo side for cutting. That way you wonâ€t have any gridlines visible on your finished product.


We burned the file to a disc and took it to Kinkos. We chose a heavier grade paper (not cardstock). They have nice paper cutters available so we chose to cut them on our own. They wanted a ridiculous amount of money to cut them for us.


If you are using the self laminating pouches a little tip: Make sure someone is there to help you! Once you peel the backing off the tag it wants to close itself and grab the bottom. Itâ€s nearly impossible to do it one handed. I highly recommend having help.


Here's the link to my finished tags: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t33048


Let me know if you have any questions! Good luck!



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thank you soooo much:) I am going to buy the staples laminating tags right now. I know my guests will take FOREVER to get me personalized pictures so I am going to try Perto Vallarta postcards instead. Your original idea is 20x better and more personal!

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