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To Jessica F: According to a document I received in the summer of 2012 entitled "Wedding Check List-OCT.xls" the resort has the following bow colors available for no charge: Turquesa blue, navy blue, fuchsia, red and yellow.  It states that other colors can be rented for $3 (three dollars) per bow.  I tried to upload the 4 page document here, but could not figure out how to do it.  If you would like this document and any others, email me at the address below.  I can send the document(s) to you via email -- I do know how to attach documents to an email.  Good luck with your planning!  I am tying the knot at OCT in mid May. Amanda   acd8809@yahoo.com
Hi Amanda! Just sent you an e-mail, thank you!!!! Lol I find it kind of stressful that we have no control over anything and how hard it is to get answers from Ana and Paula.. but based on this group, it seems so worth it in the end!

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Thanks friends! You will all love your wedding day, rain or shine! It's magical, romantic, and tons of fun!

RToovey - We were not given a refund of any kind for the banquet room rather than the lobby terrace. Ana looks after settling the payment during your meeting with her the day after you arrive, so it's already paid and done for by the time the wedding rolls around. I think it is a fair question to ask her thought, if the same happens to you. Fingers crossed, the weather will be good though.


The whole rain situation was yucky. It wasn't pouring but the entire day was overcast and it was drizzling all day long (luckily stopped for about an hour to get some pics on the beach - although we did hide under shelter mid photos when it came down again. lol.) Basically Ana told my husband 2 hours before the ceremony began that her staff will be setting up indoors for both the ceremony and the reception. The reception is set up about 6 hours early (and you can tell.. they do a beautiful job!), so we had to commit to the banquet room decision early. Given the forecast, it was a good choice.. I wouldn't wanna risk meals/sound equipment being damaged outside,not to mention guests being uncomfortable and running into the lobby to be dry and warm. It was the best option for us. 


The ceremony however, Ana was really flexible. 2 hours before the ceremony, she spoke with my husband and they agreed ceremony should be inside. When my aunt came and told me about this, I was dissapointed and had a little cry. Well, when Ana found out that I was upset, she did everything possible to move it back out to the lobby terrace. So they did.. moved everything outside again and hoped for clear skies. In fact, all of our guests were seated outside and the music was just starting, when my husband had to make the call to bring it back inside because the rain was coming again. I think the staff had it set up outside, then in, then outside, then back in again. Obviously, I didn't see all of this but Rob said the staff were terriffic and tried so hard to give us the wedding of our dreams. They brought bartending staff, activity staff, everyone was helping out to move chairs inside at the last minute... they were picking up our rose petals from the terrace to make it all look perfect. They litterally moved everything inside within minutes of me walking down the aisle.  Ana always said - No problem! Everyone was happy to help.


The RAYBANS - probably the biggest hit at the wedding. Believe it or not, we bought assorted colors off of ebay. I think they were shipped from China and each pair cost $0.68!!  Highly recommend checking it out!


And JessicaF - yes - they have blue sashes! :)

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Leahbecker- thanks for the review!!! Sounds like despite the rain your day was perfect :). Our wedding is in 10 days... After months of emails going unanswered, I finally spoke to Ana last night for the first time. I feel completely rest assured that everything will be great now so I hope that helps some of you ( I know last week I would NOT be writing this lol). I will definitely post a review when we return!!

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Thank you so much for your reply!  That makes me a little more relieved that things will be taken care of to the best of their ability:) 


I must find those Raybans on ebay, I will keep searching!

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@leahbecker - How did you handle tips?  Since you "settled up" with Ana in the days before did you give her a tip afterwards?  If so, did you base it on a percentage?  Thanks!

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After a year of hemming and hawing, my FI and I have decided to book with Ocean Coral and Turquesa. Tomorrow, in fact. 


I've been browsing through this thread for the past few weeks and collecting information as I can, but if anyone has a relatively recent handout from the resort about additional costs and the like, it would be appreciated if you could pass them on. [i don't have enough postings yet, but I can be reached at katie-mercer[at]hotmail.com. 


We'll most likely choose the Paradise package, but I was curious about the costs of ceremony set-up, bridesmaid bouquets (average cost), terrace lighting costs, and set-up fees for items you bring yourself.


Also, has anyone had experience with additional group settings, such as cocktail hours of beach bonfires (I'm not sure if that's even an option)?

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Hello Everyone,


After 2-3 emails pinging Paula for some answers on locking in our key venues and times she finally got back to us.  Not only did she answer our key questions but she addressed our long laundry list of questions.. some of which I already found information on from this thread after sending the initial email.  People have already been so helpful to me I figured I would just post her response in full in case it helps other brides and grooms.


I hope this is not against the terms of this site, but I also created a temporary dropbox link to the documents she referenced in the email.  I thought that would be the easiest way to give people access to the documents.  I'll leave this link functioning for about a week, and then will take it down.  Just click the link below and it will prompt you for the download.  The download is a single .zip file you will have to extract.




One note is it appears people are having issues getting in touch with Anna in advance of their weddings.  As you can see from this email Paula is a very good resource, and you may have better luck getting in touch with her instead of Anna.  FYI, below Paula's responses are highlighted.  One final note is we have a person joining us to do hair and makeup.. I was pleasantly surprised to hear they will substitute the hair and make-up included in the package for a couples massage!


Finally I have two more questions, I was hoping past brides or grooms could help me with.  


1) It appears that you have to choose a set menu for everyone at the reception, has anyone had any luck setting it up so their guests at least have a choice option for the main course?  We were hoping to have a meat or fish option for everyone.

2) In the information I have seen to date there is a lot of mention that the sound system is compatible with ipods.  Is it the apple proprietary connection or can any headphone jack connection work?  In general maybe a bit more information on what they supply for sound equipment connections would be great.  Ideally I'd like to just hook up my laptop for music.


Hello Paula,


Our wedding is May 25, 2013 with the "Paradise Package" and will have 50 -70 guests.  It is very important that our location reservations, listed below, are locked in.  We want to avoid potential conflicts with other weddings.


1)      Rehearsal Dinner Location:  Can we reserve the Sensai for a rehearsal dinner on 5/24/2013 for 50-70 people?  If not can you please send us options for reserving an a la carte dinner with a group that size? 

Please take note that a la carte restaurants system is “first come firsts served†is part of the all inclusive package

In the wedding package is not included a rehearsal wedding dinner, we can offer to you the Buffet restaurant (Casa del Mar) the first 6pm or the last seating 9pm we can set up tables foe 10 people each, please let me know if this work for you and what time would you like.



2) Ceremony Location Reservation:  Please confirm that we have wedding area 1 on the Coral side reserved for our wedding ceremony at 4pm. I confirm Beach in front of building 1 at 4pm for Civil ceremony

3) Cocktail Hour Location and Band:  Can you please confirm  a cocktail hour (after the ceremony, before dinner reception) in the garden with the Mariachi Quartet. The cocktail hour is not included in the Paradise Package the cost will be $10usd per hour per person, for the Mariachi Quartet the cost is $450usd for 45min.


4)Reception Location Reservation: Can you please confirm that we have the outdoor terrace reserved for our Paradise Package reception on May 25th? I confirm Lobby Terrace for your reception dinner included in the Paradise Package, please find attached the menu you have to choose one for every one, you can pick and choose for the 5 different menus and create your own, we can make a acceptations for the people has food allergies.

outdoor _0.tmp

We can set up one head table & round tables for the other guest


We look forward to hearing back from you about these important questions.  (Our longer list of detailed questions is also listed below).


Thanks so much for your help and we look forward to working with you! Thanks for understand and I apologies for the delay.  


-Scott and Rachel


Welcome Cocktail Gathering

Thursday May 23rd at 7:30pm - a welcome cocktail gathering for our guests

·  Is there a lounge area near a bar or a semi-private gathering space available for this type of thing at no additional cost?  Maybe something like the Hotel Terrace Loungue

·  Is it possible to have audio and visual set-up (microphone for speeches, picture slideshows, etc.)? We have 2 lounge areas one at the Lobby Terrace coral side and the other one at Turquesa side, we set up the cocktail are in this, you have two options for cocktail hour.

1.- Paid for the open bar $10usd per hour per person

2.- You only paid the canapés and we can bring the beverages from the Lobby Bar  


How much would this cost? The depended what option you choose is the cost, if you wish music & microphone the cost will be $250usd, if you wish a screen and projector will be $250usd.  

Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

Friday May 24th

5pm - rehearsal (a walk through of the ceremony and those involved) when the day will be close you can check with the wedding coordinator at what time will be.      

6pm - rehearsal dinner for all of our guests Please let me know if the Buffet restaurant works for you.

We would like audio and visual capabilities for the rehearsal dinner (microphone for speeches, projector for picture slideshow or video, etc.) - how much will this cost? if you wish music & microphone the cost will be $250usd, if you wish a screen and projector will be $250usd, if you wish the videographer the cost will be $550usd he stayed around 2 hours, please find attached the packages for video & Photo.


Wedding Ceremony

Saturday May 25th at 4pm

·  In the Paradise Package what is included the “Basic setup†for the ceremony?  Chairs, altar, canopy, aisle runner, sound system for music? GAZEBO WITH WHITE TULE,  CHAIRS WITH WHITE COVERS, SOME BOWS  CAN BE INCLUDED TURQUESA BLUE, RED, YELLOW, NAVY BLUE,  AND FUCSIA


·  Who is the officiant?

May we have their contact information so that we can talk to them about our ceremony plans? Please find attached the Script for the Legal Wedding in English

Is the legal ceremony in English or Spanish? The Legal Wedding will be performance in English or Spanish

·  What is the agenda or format of ceremony? I attached the Script

We want to have some of our own readings and music - will we be able to do so? Yes, you can bring your own music and it could be either on CD or IPOD, we need 4 songs

·         One for the wedding party

·         One for the bride walking down the aisle

·         One for signing

·         One for end of the ceremony for walking out

Wedding appetizer and cocktail hour

Saturday May 25th 5pm

·  We are particularly interested in an appetizer and cocktail hour set up in the hotel gardens

·  Can you please send us a list of appetizer options and prices? I attached the list with the prices

·  We would like to have a Mariachi quartet during the cocktail hour.  What is the process for booking the Mariachi Band? We can make all the arrangements for the Mariachi Quartet the cost is $450usd for 45min.

In a quartet what instruments are played? One guitar, one violist the other 2 instruments I let you as soon as I have the information

Ideally we would want the Mariachi quartet to process with the bride and groom from the beach to the cocktail hour, probably around 5:15pm. They can do that


Wedding Dinner Reception 

Saturday May 25th 6:15pm

·  For the Paradise Package, where exactly is the “outdoor private dinner receptionâ€?

·  We would like the Champagne toast included in the Paradise Package right before dinner is served. We can do that most all the time we do this toast at the end for the ceremony on the beach, but you let me know what would you like

Can you please send us menu options for the reception dinner? please find attached the menu you have to choose one for every one, you can pick and choose for the 5 different menus and create your own, we can make a acceptations for the people has food allergies.

·  Is there a menu card included in the package? Is not included but you can bring your own menus printer if you wish we can set up on the tables.



Saturday May 25th 8pm

·  In the Paradise Package, how many people can be fed from the cake that is included?Is included for 40 people you will be paid extra $47usd per adult and $22usd per child under 12 years old.

·  Can you please send us options for the cake flavor and decorations? Please find attached a examples in the wedding check list

The flavors available are CHOCOLATE, VANILLA, PINEAPPLE, STRAWBERRY AND COCONUT, because your cake is 3 tiers you can choose one flavor each

·  Is the cake made onsite at the resort or off site? We make in side


·  Wedding Dancing, Audio and Video

·  We will not be hiring a DJ.  We will be playing dance music from a computer or MP3 player.  What inputs are compatible with your sound system? We have the cable for Ipod, we donâ€t have the cable for the Iphone 5 or the mini Ipad

·  What type of lighting is provided for dancing?  Is a regular lights is not for events.

Would we be able to bring in our own lighting?  i.e. white string lights you can send me a photo for this lights then I can check if is possible some vary for the staff set up.

·  How far in advance do we need to book the videographer? You can let me know any time, I attached the video packages.


·  What are the options for flowers for the bride bouquet, boutonniere and ceremony arrangement? Yes we can match all

·  Can we see the options or get in touch with the florist? , I attached the options, the florist donâ€t speak English if you have some ideas please let me know & I send to her.

·  Is the florist onsite at the resort or offsite?  We read that this is the florist the resort works with:http://www.casanarciso.com/ is that true? We work with Amazing Flowers


General Questions

Is the 2013 price list available? Yes, is in the last pages for the wedding packages from 2013

the package includes the brides hair and makeup, can that be changed into a different spa service?  Yes for a 25 min, couple massage.

What is the process for shipping items to the resort?

What does the per person charge on the price for the  paradise package ($45 per person adult, $22 per person child, 2012 pricing) include? (does it include more seats at wedding, dinner at reception, wedding toast, additional size on cake, more flowers...etc.?) This price include more seats at wedding, dinner at reception, wedding toast, additional size on cake and cost will be $47 per person adult, $22 per person child, 2013 pricing

The paradise package comes with “Justice of the peace, Marriage License, Legal Fees, Blood test (legal documents issued in Spanish)†Is there anything else we need to make the marriage legal? You need filled out the registration form if you have all ready send this to us we only let me know, other extra fee for the Legal Wedding will be the transportation for the Justice of the Peace and the Apostille is $70usd each in cash, you will paid this with us at the wedding office the date for the meeting with us when you arrive to the Resort we need to your 4 witnesses you and your fiance with your passports and tourist card for made the paper word, this date you will have to your blood test.     

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ggallo - Tips were really difficult for us. Here is what we did: 

  • We tipped our Photographer and Videographer a flat amount of $150 each (which they both seemed quite surprised with... I thought tips were customary for those services. May they are not?)
  • We gave Ana a flat tip as well ($300) the day after the wedding and another $250 for her to split amongst the bartenders/servers at the wedding. 10 or 15% of our total OCT Wedding bill would have been a lot... and we felt these amounts were fair.
  • The awkward thing and the ONLY downfall we had with the wedding was, at the end of our banquet, two servers approached my husband to ask "How was the service tonight?. " implying for gratuities. It was our intention to provide gratuities after the service not throughout the wedding, so I'm not sure if that was our fault or what... But I did feel that this was a slighlty inappropriate impression from the staff. And I was quite surprised because everone was so professional. (Also, we paid for three extra hours.. which is $10 per hour, per person and that added up. We were told the extra fee was to cover the cost of the bartenders/servers and we didn't know if the pricign including gratuities or now.
  • My advice for tips - Leave something, but only what you are comfortable with. I think every bride/groom does something a bit different, but I promise you - the whole team will work very hard to give you your wedding of your dreams.

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Hello Ladies,


Glad to have found this forum... I have just reserved my date for May 2014. Yes, a bit early but I wanted to give my guest a good amount of time to save.


I hope you all can help me out! cheer2.gif




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Did anyone do personalized menus, seating chart, place holder cards, programs etc.?  Are all of these details necessary for a destination wedding?  If so, how did you find out what was on the menus, what the seating arrangements would be and the timing of all the events of the day for the programs?  I want to keep things simple but it seems like people do these things even for a destination wedding?  Yes?  Thanks for all the input!!

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