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Hi Ladies!

I am back from our OCT wedding!  I will report as soon as I can. Our flight was cancelled yesterday so I am running on 3 hours of sleep!eek.gif


I was able to peak at Sandy's wedding, which was devine! Feel free to e-mail me any questions: kln8205@gmail.com

I'd be happy to help!


P.S. I do not have the exact wording for the civil ceremony, but here is the brief rundown. 


Civil Ceremony: (10-15 minutes)


Presentation of the bride

Welcome and gathering words

Reflection of marriage and love (He read a traditional piece from Mexican weddings)

Witnesses/Bride/Groom sign marriage certificate

Declaration of consent (Saying I DO)

Presentation of Rings (We did not have to say anything- just exchange rings.)

Pronouncement of husband and wife

Introduction of husband and wife



*I was not aware that the civil ceremony could not be deviated from.  Ana said it has to be scripted.  You may be able to try to ask them to add something in, but I don't know if they can or will.  I was not able to meet with the officiant before to ask.

The only thing I had to say during the ceremony was " I Do."  I was a little disappointed I didn't repeat traditional vows, but since I didn't meet with him beforehand, I did not know what to expect! 


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Tropic Lover - thank you for the wording for the family part of your ceremony. It is absolutely beautiful and I might borrow that... word for word! so nice! Thanks for sharing :)


Welcome back Kleenotes and congratulations! Can't wait to hear all about your big day. Feel free to post pictures!


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@ lisam I live in near Mtl (Canada,Qc) I did a couple of stores but I found every thing I need (even the shoes) at Moores http://www.mooresclothing.com/mor/index.jsp without getting rip off! looks great but I heard it worn fast (I don't care).


@ Andrea yes i did! actually it was my second stay at this hotel. I was there in 2009 and when I saw it was such a great place to get married I didn't hesitate to go back.


the + : Food (mikes coffee shop is such a great add on), rooms, lobby,pools, beach sand, 25 min from airport and off course ANNA!


the - : the seeds, entertainment (night), no reservation at restaurant


@ kleenotes we did a civil ceremony and actually it last around 25 minutes. I remember Anna ask us if we did want to do the traditional vows during the ceremony but we did'nt want too ( we wanted to do it in privacy on the lobby terrace... even if they were in french so probably nobody would had understand them at the beach lol)


Here is a couple of pictures of the ceremony, you can see the Justice of Peace, they ask for the fingerprint also! that was pretty fun!
















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does anyone know if we are having the legal ceremony at the OCT if we can add in or own vows to each otherduring the ceremony as well as sticking to the scripted ones? This is important to me. Thanks.

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@ Yanick: You look so beautiful, congrats to you and your new hubby!! Please please please post more pictures I would love to some ceremony and reception pics :) Did OCT do your flowers? I love your bouquet!

@ Kleenotes: Congrats to you as well!  Can't wait to see some pictures from your big day as well!!!

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