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Cabo Wedding Location Help

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I really had my heart set on Cabo Azul but I don't think I will be able to meet the minimum guest requirement smile27.gif. From the posts on the board there seems to be several options, but the only location that I have actually seen in person is Cabo Azul (the chapel is wonderful, I fell in love). Also, there seems to be new places opening up...Anyway if anyone can help me with some alternatives...Please share pics and websites. Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

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Hello! How many guests will you have? Cabo Azul is a nice property but not the only one! Do you want to consider a chapel only? or a terrace can also be the option?

Chapel: Palmilla, El Encanto Inn, Pueblo Bonito Sunset

Amazing venues: Cabo del Sol club house, Sunset da Mona Lisa restaurant,

Great hotels: Casa del Mar, Casa Dorada, Fiesta Americana (imperial suite).



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I'm getting married at the Imperial Suite at Fiesta Americana - it's a private suite that is part of the resort. It's a beautiful house and has a private backyard with a pool that goes right out onto the beach. If you want more info about it, feel free to ask me!

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Hi Baja Bride,


I got married at Cabo Azul in Sept '08. We starting the booking process in April '08 so I am not sure if they changed their policies since. At that time there was only a minimum guest for the room block rate (something like 15 rooms for 2 nights?). If you didn't meet the min room block then you paid a chapel rental fee.


For the room blocks, the offered rate was not the best rate and they were completely unwilling to negotiate that offer. The best Grace Mura (she handles the group reservations at Pacific Monarch) came back with 10 rooms for 3 nights at the block rate.


BEWARE- the contract they sent us, said that if we didn't meet the min rooms then OUR GUESTS! would have to pay the regular rate (a difference of about $100/nt). I thought this was very unfair. I did some research and many of the other resorts penalize the bride/groom if there are unsold rooms NOT the guests. Could you imagine booking a room for a wedding at a block rate only to find out when you get there that it's going to be an extra $100/nt! I didn't want to risk that for my guests if we couldn't get enough RSVP's. I hope they changed this on their contracts.


Turns out, my SIL found a deal on Travel Zoo at Cabo Azul for a 3night stay w/free dinner for $499. She booked and so did most of our family shortly after with that special (including us). As a matter of fact, I just got an email from them with the same offer. Check their website for specials. It was a much better rate than the room block. In the end, we did have to pay the chapel rental fee since we didn't do the room block. No biggie, it was a bargain at $1000 (we are in LA where ceremony site fees are as high as $5,000).


We pointed this out to Grace and they threw a fit (too bad for them) and they were still unwilling to negotiate room rates with us. Didn't matter to us, we all still got great deals on rooms. They made it seem like they were completely booked. When we got there, they were deserted! Of the 20 rooms arriving that Thursday 15 were from our wedding. When everyone left, the place was dead. In our opinion, it was VERY slow, they should have been throwing things at us to get the business.


If you truly love the place, then try to make it work. Our wedding was AMAZING! I could not imagine getting married anywhere but the chapel. Check the contracts and see if the min is just for the room block. If you can swing the chapel fee if you don't meet the min, then go for you. You won't be disappointed.




I will soon be posting my full review. Stay tuned!

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Hey Baja Bride!

Well, like Sarai says, there are other options to consider, actually a bunch of options, depending on your budget and likes. A nice one that I like cause of it's openess and light with huge windows and beautiful vistas and quite modern is Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, really classy and it "smells" young and fun. Whatever your choice, work out a deal with them and don't give in to their first quotes, you'll be surprised at how much you could save.


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