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Plumeria's Wedding Flower Boutique


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Here is my extremely POSITIVE review on PlumeriasWeddingFlowerBoutique


Initially I was going to order from AA. I had contacted Staci way back in May of this year but was not really ready to pay for anything at that point! So, around October, I went back on to order and lo-and-behold, there was very little room to do my flowers. I contacted Staci and Roberta (Plumeria's). Roberta responded right away and Staci responded a day later. I asked Staci to send me a flower contract ASAP since I would have been the last May date. I never recieved it, and by then I figured that they had so many orders in, I might not have been able to order from them....


....so anyways, I spoke with Roberta like 20 times in regards to my flowers, letting her know what I was looking for- colors, flower types, etc- and a day later she had my quote ($400 with shipping for my bouquet with flower jewel and bouquet buckle, MOH Bouquet, 3 BM bouquets and 2 Moms bouquets). I figured that I'd get my flowers sometime in April...but when I received my contract in the mail a week later, the ship date was December 1st! So basically from start to finish it would take a little over a month. I signed right away and had some issues with PayPal (long story) but she worked with me to figure something out. I paid in full because I hate remembering deadlines...


Got home yesterday (Dec 3) and I got my flowers!! I am posting the proof pics that she sent me, but I have to say, in person, they are so much better...I have nothing but good things to say about Roberta. When she sent the proofs, the white flowers looked a little frayed. She actually took small scissors and cut all the frays off for me. She responded within hours of e-mailing her, responded to any voice mails, and sent such a sweet letter along with the flowers. She didn't charge me for additional e-mails, consultations, etc, and put up with my indecisiveness with the hair flowers and pomander for the flower girl. In the end, I will probably go back to her for the hair flowers, but my 2 y/o niece doesn't need flowers, although it would be cute.


I urge anyone who is looking for someone to do their flowers to contact Roberta. You will not regret it. For those who missed AA's deadlines, Roberta is quick. I believe had I been in a time cruch, she could have gotten these to me faster. I basically left the final flower decision in her hands and she created beautiful pieces for me. I stare at them every chance I get!!


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.


I will try to take my own pics at some point....

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