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Is TTD worth the money?

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We are having Claudia Rodriguez as our photographer ( which we are very excited about) and I asked her how much it would be to do a TTD session the following day. She said we can definitely do it, and it will cost $850 on location at the resort, or $1200 if we go somewhere else. I have really been debating doing it, because I feel like if we don't do it, I might look back and wish that we had (you only do this once ya know?) So, what do you think? Should we do it? Worth the money?? Plus, this may sound silly, I am a plus size girl, will I look like a whale in the water?? LOL okay, that was a silly question...

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Hi Joanna,

Personally, the TTD session is one of the things that I am looking forward to the most! For me, I absolutely cannot pass it up...... but at what cost? That sounds expensive to me, but I guess what it comes down to is your budget. If you can afford it and truly want it, then I say go for it. Then you don't have to be wondering if you should have done it. For me the pictures is the one thing that I can keep from my wedding, so that is where most of my budget will be going, but at the same time, I gave up a private reception and basically any extras that I might have considered getting otherwise.


If you do decide to do the TTD session, remember that it is supposed to be fun! You'll look beautiful and have nothing to worry about!

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I just did a TTD with Claudia the other day (last week)

While I have not got the photos back yet

I would say DO IT!

Here are some things that come to mind:


1) the price is good I think for what you get. Basically a whole other shoot! Plus she is taking you somewhere in her car (gas), and her car gets pretty messy after it!!!!!


2) since it was a DW, i wanted to use the surroundings. So many of my friends who got married in Canada and didnt get that option are soooo jealous!!!!


3) the photos are AMAZING!

Claudia is great! She makes you feel so comfortable and the few picures she showed us through her camera were AWESOME! WOW! I couldnt even beleive it was me they were soooo great!


4) it was the one day DH and I got to spend TOGETHER doing something intimate and special for us. Since it was a DW, we were so busy with our 40 guests all week we had no time together.



(says a lot since DH hates getting his pic taken)


and we thought it was totally worth it


(and again, im saying all this without even seeing the pics!)


I would say its worth it 100%

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I say go for it!!! i agree with nikki!! i cut my private reception also to have my TTD, i settled for the free package reception so i can have my photographer for 4 days. and my friends and family agreed that the buffet would be fine because we where going to have a fabulous time regardless!! we are in the riviera maya an amazing place to have a wedding!!! your pictures will be amazing !!! and you will look absolutly beautiful and lets not forget SEEEEEEEXY!!!


check these out to entice you!!


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I am trying to decide on this as well! If you can afford to do it i dont think you would ever regret it, its such a fun way to remember your wedding and bring the beach aspect of it home with you. I am still working out my budget but if i have extra money i think its something i would love to do.

There are lots of TTD's that arent in the water as well if your feeling self conscious. Its supposed to be a fun shoot and the photographer is going to find a way to get lovely photos. So you decide whats best for you but i am sure no matter what you will look beautiful, so dont worry about that!

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Haha, I agree! I keep going back and forth on whether to do it or not, and I think we should do it on the beach at the resort (save $400). I love everyone's TTD pics, and I think it will be something special to look back on... and this is sooo cheesy and corny of me, but I might ask for it as a graduation present from my family (since I graduate college a month before the wedding)... then maybe I won't feel as guilty (I always feel bad about spending lots of money!) I agree, I think they will look really pretty and will be such a nice memory!

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My TTD pics turned out better than our wedding day pics... for a number of reasons, but mostly I think we were just more relaxed as it was 2 days after the hub-ub of the ceremony and it was just the two of us and the photog. I DEFINATLY recommend doing it.


You only live once, and the pictures will last a lifetime! (also my standard response for boudoir pics by the way! LOL)

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If the money really bothers you, look into a different photog for just the TTD. Our photog is charging us $400 for our TTD shoot, and she charges $500 if you aren't doing your wedding day pictures w/ her.


I think you should do it regardless. These pics will probably be the ones that you and DH love and enjoy the most!


And don't worry about being "plus size" if you are comfortable w/ yourself you'll enjoy them! You don't have to do them in the water. Wear a dress the flatters you and you'll look GREAT!

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I would 10000% say do them. However, that price is REALLY steep. For the record: you could fly in a photographer to stay at your resort for two nights for $850.


Now, as for where to take pictures, I really would say don't do them at the resort. I know you'd save $400, but honestly the beach sucks! And it's REALLY crowded. Now, maybe in July it won't be nearly as crowded because it's low season... but typically it is. And every where you can swim there are very large sand bags so those will be in most of your photos.


If you don't want pictures IN the water, then I think the resort would be okay. It's just my honest opinion.

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