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Engaged! Here we come, Cabo (Sheraton) ~!


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Hello hello~*


I had posted a Newbie post back in May saying I wasn't yet engaged to my bf of 4 years, but that I was starting research for a destination wedding anyway. =P


Well, we finally got engaged last week and I'm ready to start planning full-on!


I already know where I want to get married - Sheraton Hacienda's little white chapel, and possibly reception at De Cortez? But haven't yet set an exact date, made any contacts, etc. Oh boy...


Just wanted to re-introduce myself to the Cabo Forum and warn that you may see a lot more of me from now on! cheesy.gif


I remember reading somewhere that Sheraton's on-site coordinator is not that responsive or helpful? So I'm thinking of hiring a wedding coordinator to contact the site, as well as for planning and any wedding day help. We're expecting about 40-50 guests. If anyone reading this had their wedding at the Sheraton, or if you know anyone, I'd so very much appreciate your opinions. I don't want to spend unecessary money on a planner, but also want to save myself the stress and headache! How much do planners charge these days anyway? Ay, I have such a long way to go..............

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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! I was initally planning on getting married at the Sheraton but due to the costs compared to Dreams I recently decided against it. I didn't want to obligate my guest to stay at the resort and the Sheraton requires a 2 night minimum for 10 guest. With that said, I was in contact with Viviana and she was extremely helpful plus she even called me and answered all my questions plus provided me with the all the information I requested regarding pricing for linens, chair rentals, etc. I don't have any complaints about the service she provided me with.


If you would like just send me I can send you all thier 2009 pricing and her email information. Just send me PM.



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Hey, congratulations!!!


I just attended a Wedding party at Del Cortez, it was fabulous, the food was great, the mariachis... Everything was stunning.

The Outside WC did a hell of a job, even though she was all alone you could see how well she worked.


On the question about pricing... It's just like anything else, there are very pricy and some that are not, but I imagine that you could talk your way through it.


Anyways, happy planning

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I'm about to sign my contract with the Sheraton for a wedding for around 50 people October 2009. Viviana has been great so far and very responsive. I am not having the reception at the Fiesta Palapa. I thought the Sheraton room rates were very reasonable compared to many other resorts and my guests really don't like all inclusive resorts.

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thanks everyone for the congrats!


MANGO, do you know who the wedding coordinator was for the one you went to in sheraton? i'm looking for referrals...i have a few so far, but more wouldn't hurt so I can start my process of elimination!


ADEVILBI, i'm hoping to get married there a month or two after you! also expecting around 50 ppl as well. yes, i'm hearing more and more good things about viviana, so that makes me happy. where are you having the reception?


TAMMYB, how many people did you have at de cortez for the reception? that's where i'm considering for the reception. did you have cocktail hour as well? i was thinking of having the cocktail hour at palapa fiesta, then dinner reception at de cortez. was there space for a dancefloor there? i heard music has to be off by 10:30, which seems too early to me..... =/ what did ppl do after your reception?

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Congrats on your engagement! I am also having my wedding at the Sheraton on June 20th, 09 but we chose to have the ceremony on the beach and the reception at the Palapa Fiesta. I love the romantic look it exuded in all of the pictures I have seen. There is definitely enough room for a dance floor if you want one. Most people use the inside of the actual Palapa though and that's what we are doing. Viviana has been extremely helpful and normally less than a 24 hour response to most emails. I am not using a wedding coordinator because I have booked everything myself and don't really feel the need to spend all that extra money now. It seems that from what I have read on this site that if your organized and know what you want then you really don't need one. I hope this all helped. I know its all a little overwhelming at first. If you have any more specific questions feel free to PM me ok?

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