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Gift ideas for employees


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Hi all,


We are giving our employees a $50.00 gift card and I need ideas for another small gift in the $25.00 range...we have already done champagne, wine, chocolates and t-shirts/fleece jackets and I can't think of anything else right now...maybe something elecronic, but what?? Any ideas??

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We had to come up with gifts for our school staff and were on a very tight budget. We bought a bunch of 100 grand candy bars (the small size) and attached a lottery ticket with ribbon. I can't remember what the note said exactly but something about their work being priceless, them being worth more than 100 grand or having a fortunate holiday season? It was better than that but I am totally blanking on the exact wording.


I forgot to add that people loved them!

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Every year we do exchanges with local businesses, we give them gift certificates to our restaurant for $25 and they give us items from their businesses for the same price. It promotes local business and it is fun for our employees because everyone gets something different. We also give them shirts and cash bonuses.

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Originally Posted by Anna83 View Post
Here's a few ideas I thought of:

A nice blanket
fruit basket
My Dad got cups like these from his work a couple years ago, they're nice to have around the house: Tervis Tumbler Packaging Options
I was thinking a digital photo frame, but those are more than $25. I did see some photo keychains for about $25.

Good Luck!
I swear by Tervis Tumblers! They have a lifetime warranty, and they're insulated so it really keeps your drink hot or cold, and doesn't sweat on your table or in you hand!
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