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Holidays with the In-Laws

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    Posted 03 January 2009 - 09:33 AM

    Originally Posted by BajaBride2010
    I will keep all these tips in mind for my next relationship. The plot continues to thicken. We half way made but I as I proceeded to ask question about New Year's Day and if I had my ring on. I started to tell him how people were asking about him and how I told the story of our engagement (which is so beautiful). He was like 'so everyone was invited and knew about this except for me'. I have a tendency to get absent minded with stuff most of the time and some things I wait until the last minute to tell him because his reaction can be unpredictable and at times explosive. Although I had the best intentions on telling him, I never had the opportunity and as you know that last week I spent crying my eyes out and begging him to understand. I treied to explain that to him...I have not been able to sleep or eat properly since Chrsitmas. Now I feel like I keep digging myself further in a ditch. He has not asked for the ring back, but I'm ready to say to He$$ with it because all I am doing now is living in agony prayer that he forgives me and gives his heart to me again. But then I'm like, who in the He&& does he think he is. Ok I made a mistake, I messed up but is the punishment fitting the crime. I tried to remind him of the things he has done (that in my opinion are pretty bad), but I never treated him the way he is treating me. He feels his incidents were in the past and we are at a different place since he put a ring on my finger. I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster. Earlier today he suggests we go out of town then he takes it back becasue he is now pi$$ed about New Year's Day. Now, I am not trying to say everything I do is right but I never have malice. I truly love him and want to make it work but I am having doubts. His reactions almost make me wonder if there is someone else or at least an interest of some sorts. My body can't take another week like that.

    Please don't take this the wrong way and I mean it with love.

    Is he a control freak or just a child?

    Just because he put a ring on your finger doesn't mean he owns you, you are still you. I'm presuming he knows you are sometimes a bit dizzy and its not malicious so I don't get when he's acting like a 2 year old that has spit out his dummy (pacifier?)

    It seems you have already made your decision by your first sentence and if you have good for you. Everyone makes mistakes but that doesn't mean you have to take endless amounts of shite because of it.

    Whatever you decide will be right. So deep breath, no more tears, square your shoulders and start the new year xx

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