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Our AHR was this weekend & I have to vent....

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Originally Posted by Alyssa View Post
that is SOOOOO messed up!!!! Celina - i would be fuming! what did your Dad say about it?
After my dad's brother, sister in law and his sister walked in 2 hours late and neither Shawn nor I ran over to talk to them, he knew we were pissed. I told him I thought his family was beyond rude. Shawn never spoke to my uncle and I wasn't mad about it but I think my dad was upset. I told my dad I am going to let their actions roll off of me but that I won't forget what they did. My dad continues (as always) to preach forgiveness. I told him there is a line you have to draw when it comes to forgiveness or you just become someone's doormat. I told them we won't be their doormat - we just won't deal with them anymore. His response...forgiveness. blah.gif

Originally Posted by JessicaLovesBrian View Post
That's a lot of no-shows! I'm sorry, it must be so frustrating on so many levels, the financial aspect would definitely annoy me.
Oh F**K Jessica - we spent a ton of money! Needless to say I have a deep freezer FULL of Mexican food! I don't have to cook for a while, but if I see another tamale or bowl of green chili I am going to barf!

Originally Posted by 2bebridejamaica View Post
Wholly smokes Celina.... HOW FRIGGING WRONG IS THAT!!!!!! I can't believe it... just crazy! All that money and then no one comes.... Damn them all!!! I am worried bout this too.... ours is Jan 17th (sat) at 1pm til 6pm. I did it during the day because of winters here in Mass and alot more people I thought would come because it's during the day... but my responses are not coming... I have like 30 people so far and the invites went out right after we left for Jamaica. I know I have 3 more weeks left before they are due... but I sent out invites for 147 people.... We have alot of people that are oh so not dependable at all ...

Ya know what ... next time to you see people that didn't come ... make sure you talk to someone that did go bout how GREAT it was even if certain people didn't show... LOL...

We did a brunch because winters here in Colorado aren't that nice either. It was chilly Saturday and had snowed the night before so some of my co-workers were on Snow duty, but my dad's family weren't. If we would have had an open bar their dumb asses would have been here! Whatever...screw em!

Originally Posted by RoryS View Post
That is just so RUDE! I was babysitting for my SIL's kids when they were in her sister's wedding. I went to Long Island to pick them up after the ceremony and her Mom said you might as well stay for the cocktail hour, which I did, and then she said you might as well stay for the dinner because we had about 16 people who said they were coming and didn't show up. She was paying about $150/pp. What do people think? If they don't show up - they just deduct the amount from the bill?
They'd be the same ones that would rant and rave if you did something like that to them!!
OMFG - I would have died! We were out a couple hundred dollars on it all. Still - we have kids - we could have spent a couple hundred dollars on something for our kids!

Originally Posted by jmiranda View Post
Are you serious? Why would they do this to you? Is there any conflicts between you and your dad's family.

If I were you i would definately say something to them because they RSVP and then they didnt show up.
Yes there are problems with one of his brothers, and I am thinking since they were in town that loyalties were with them and since my dad is such a pushover, no one takes his side.

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Originally Posted by BC Bride2be View Post
that is so horrible! They suck!!! And the killer is that probably half of them don't even get it.. it probably didn't dawn on them you would have spent lots $$ of the food...some people!! So sorry....hug2.gif
Right - they are the cheapest, laziest people I know. None of them get it. One of the blessings in disguise is that I got to change my name from theirs so now no one will know we are related! Ha ha!

Originally Posted by Helen_S81 View Post
Celina, I'm so sorry that those people did that to you! How rude!

I can't believe the number of people who just don't seem to understand what R.S.V.P. means! The waste of food would annoy me too.
Luckily we were able to freeze a lot of it, but that's not the point. My grandmother didn't even go!!

Originally Posted by jessyg20 View Post
Celina, that sucks! I'm so sorry. smile27.gif
I don't blame you for being livid! I probably would never invite them to anything EVER again myself.

You shouldn't stay quite though, make sure you let them know what's on your mind!!voodoo.gif
NO - my dad's sister in law e-mails me Monday to ask for my friends phone number! I'm like WTF?? No shame...I tell you...NO shame!

Originally Posted by j5nichols2 View Post
Awwww, I am so sorry. Sometimes people don't realize how much time, money and effort it takes to put together a AHR. My best advice would be to let it go and enjoy your life with your new husband. If your dad's family doesn't want to be apart of it, they don't have to. Thier loss! I am also curious...what did your dad have to say about it?
That is exactly what we are doing. Things are kind of cool between me and my dad. He hasn't said much since then. I think he knows that we are mad. I told him that we dont want those kind of people around us. He was like, "Celina, why did you guys do so much?" You should have had something small and simple and not so extravagant." I told him that we wanted to give our friends and family the best that we had, but obviously we meant nothing to those people and that was okay. The picture is clear and we'll never do it again. If you can't be there to support us or even give us an explanation as to why they couldn't show - that's all good. Dont ever expect to talk to us again.

I think he knows we are pissed and he is just staying away. In my eyes my dad isn't who I thought he was. He is weak and I have always had a hard time having respect for weak men. Although he is my dad and I will always love him, he isn't the same person I always thought he was. It's kind of sad, but what can I do?

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Grr...its just such a piss off.


It's so unfortunate that you got confirmation that these relatives were bums, but fuck, at your wedding?! JEBUS!


Oh well Celina, you looked amazing from the few pictures I have seen...and, obviously your husband adores you...so...screw em! You already know, but I'll say it again, You're Better Off Without Them!


If only I lived closer...I'd take me some Mexican food...mmmmmmm!!!

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