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Mexico or DR

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been to both. DR is a lot cheaper and has better beaches (especially in Punta Cana!) but Mexico is more widely known and has sooo many flights from USA.


we chose Mexico because DR would have been "too exotic" for our guests. i feel that RM is more developed than any part of DR (we wanted our guests to be really comfortable).

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(FYI: I've been to Punta Cana but never to Mexico. I relied on firsthand reports from friends when I was debating between the two.)


The DR really does have beautiful beaches. It seems less crowded with a more adult clientele (i.e. fewer spring-breakers and young children). It's one of the most affordable destinations in the Caribbean, and I also wanted to choose a place that not many of our guests had been. But be aware that if you go to the DR, it will be a total R&R trip - there isn't much to do besides lie around on the beach (which was fine with me). It was also fun to go someplace that wasn't overrun by Americans; a large percentage of guests were European.


Mexico definitely has more to do as far as sight-seeing and tourism. It's still really affordable, and there are more flights there than to the DR. I've heard the food is better, and that the water is clearer and calmer; Punta Cana sits on the Atlantic so the water was cooler and a little rougher than I had anticipated. Mexico is certainly a more familiar destination, which is also something to take into account.


I know the TripAdvisor forums have several Mexico vs. DR topics; try checking those out. But don't worry too much - I don't think either choice could be a bad one.


Good luck!

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