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BDW Biggest Loser: Season V ~ Official Thread ~ FINAL Results Posted

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I'm going to do it! I have gained 10 lbs since the wedding and I can't stand it! I look like a little rolly polly piggy.

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Hey Ladies

I am new but definitely interested in joining but I have to work on figuring out how to connect my camera to my computer. I rec'd it for my bday in august but still haven't learned. I'll work on this tonite. If I get it to work I'll send my $$ to Ann. This will really help me. I have 30lbs to lose.


Quick question though... What are you ladies doing to lose the weight?? I don't want to start without a plan in mind.

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Originally Posted by hunnyhun921 View Post
Hello ladies! Happy Holidays!!! I will be joining this season.
YAY! The more the merrier.

Originally Posted by jpitts78 View Post
I just sent my payment.
Uh oh - I don't have yours yet.

Originally Posted by flygirl View Post
Just sent in my payment - so excited to get skinny!
Got it!

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I have received a payment that I had to deny because it was a credit card. BUT - I have no idea who it was from! There was no name on the payment, and I can't tell from the email or anything who it came from. Here are the people I have listed as paid ... if you think you paid me and are not on the list, let me know! Or just pay another way (not CC), but include your screen name!



flygirl (Trish)

Hunnyhun921 (Khajeesah)

Jacilynda (Jacilyn)

JLC (Jamie)

jrodsgirl (Rosel)



mummergirl (Lisa)

OROBride1008 (Maria)

Shannond4156 (Shannon)

syl1115 (Sylvia)



**Remember, laides - I will have to deny any credit card payments. I know the fee is small, but If I paid all of the fees they'd add up! And my type of account only lets me accept so many CC payments per year. I've had to deny a couple already so far, so make sure you're not paying via CC when you're using PayPal!

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