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Tulle, Chair Covers & Sashes - ROR

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Does anyone know what the color options are for the tulle, chair covers and sashes? I have not been able to get the information elsewhere. I'd like aqua blue, orange, lavender, or some combination with two of the colors in addition to the white. I really need to pin down my color selection and finding out my options fo rthe tulle, etc. with help. Thanks again to everyone for your help. smile36.gif

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At the meeting with Chandlyn, you usually pick out your color options. She didn't really have any type of color chart or catalog for you to look in to pick from. Maybe she had one, but she never offered one & I never asked.

I told her the color that I wanted for the sashes, she said she had it & I really didn't see it until the day of the wedding.


Our colors were aqua & coral/orange, so we had white chair covers & orange sashes. I'm not 100% sure but I think that the chair covers are only in white.


In terms of the tulle, I've seen pics of blue, and white, maybe even orange.


The only way that you'll probably really find out whats available is by sending Chandlyn an email & asking her if she has the colors that you want. Hope that helps!

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Thanks for your responses. I can always count on this list! I emailed Chandlyn and here is the response from her assistant, Nekeisha.


"As for the chair sashes these can be any colors , kindly inform us of your color so we can get it for you. The tulle and the runner are normally white however if you are interesting in any other colors that will be at an additional cost of US$80.00 per color for the tulle and US$55.00 for the runner."



The chair covers and sashes are $12 per chair.

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Hey i found a great deal on Wedding Favors Supply, Wholesale Wedding Favor Cameras, Organza Bags, Chair Covers, Table Cloths, Personalized Ribbon, Guest Books & Party Supplies the sashes are a $1.49 many colors to choose from and chair cover are $3.48 a piece thats waaay cheaper then what u pay at the resort and you get to keep them. I'm reusing mine for my AHR..just thought I'll let u guys know

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