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BD sneek peaks!

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I LOVE them! You look amazing and her work is obviously fantastic! I love all your costume changes and you just look too sexy, sista! wowza!!! Good luck picking from 300!!!

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Originally Posted by 2bebridejamaica View Post
HAHAHAHA I told you Tess was gonna be awesome!!!! She is a riot and totally makes you feel at ease even like me.... I was nervous too... but the pics... YAY.. you are HOTTTTT!!!!! Now is the hard part... figuring out which pics you are going to use in the book....

BTW, Jay was floored when I gave him the book.... first thing out of his mouth... "Now I know why you were gone for 8 hrs.. DAMN!.. Well worth it honey."
She was great- to any brides in the New England area- it is worth the trip to see her!!

PS- glad to hear from you and congrats on your wedding you Wifey you!

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