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Excellence Playa Mujeres Brides Post Here!

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#921 Brennas

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    Posted 24 March 2011 - 06:34 AM

    I'm getting married April 28th, 2012.. :)

    I have started some of the planning.. I didn't realize I had so many options and could personalize my wedding with EPM. I just figured we had to go with what the Gold plan offered! I am so glad I found this forum! :)

    #922 Sharon99

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      Posted 24 March 2011 - 08:18 AM

      I KNOW!!! Until I joined this site I had no idea of all the stuff I could do. Even down to menu cards & fans for the ceremony! lol!

      There is a ton of great info on this site but sometimes can get a little overwhelming. Especially since we still have a year! I keep saving threads for later.

      We chose the gazebo and the gold package as well. I am arriving on April 29th at EPM! Day after your big day :)

      #923 Brennas

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        Posted 24 March 2011 - 11:29 AM

        I will be there during your day! We are staying until the 5th or 6th of May :) What time are you getting married? We are at 1pm. I don't know how this works with the reception.. does everyone have to eat dinner at 3pm? I guess that is something to ask Yamina.

        We wanted the 5pm spot, but it wasn't available on that day and I didn't want to get married the day before because it's my birthday! Lol

        #924 Sharon99

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          Posted 25 March 2011 - 05:56 AM

          Oh how fun! Still, what a birthday celebration! We are doing the ceremony at 5pm. I asked Yamina about times so I can decide how long the photog should be there. She said ceremony is 5, cocktail hour is 6, reception is 7 - 10.

          I would assume it's the same timing if it starts at 1.  I would think your recept would be from 3 - 6? Don't worry though. The good thing is it is all inclusive so later in the night if you or anyone else get hungry....its free!!!


          #925 Brennas

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            Posted 31 March 2011 - 10:23 AM

            I got SOOO lucky! Yamina emailed me and said the other weddings canceled so I was able to get the evening time slot. I was really happy about that! :)

            @Sharon99 - When you asked Yamina for the times for your photographer, did you add an extra hour for the reception? I thought the reception was only 2 hours long.. I wasn't sure if dinner was included in that time or not?

            My maid of honor and I are heading down there at the end of April for a site inspection, I am so excited we get the opportunity to meet her in person and see the resort, I will be sure to take a ton of pictures!

            #926 Sharon99

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              Posted 31 March 2011 - 04:52 PM

              So glad to hear you were able to get the time you wanted & not have to settle for 1pm!!! :)

              No, I didn't add an hour to the reception time. Here is what Yamina responded to me with:

              "The usual timing is as follows: Ceremony at 5PM, Cocktail hour at 6PM and reception at 7PM. We include three hours for the dinner and if you want to extend the event, I should mention that it will have a cost of $12 usd per person per hour."

              BUT the DJ they recommend is for 4 hours. I am not sure if you can just pay for 3 hours if you are not planning on extending the reception to 4. Figured I would wait a few weeks to figure it out!

              "The quotation for the DJ is per 4 hours of service. The cost is $1050 usd."

              I am SO jealous you are going in April!!!!!! Have a great time. Post pics when you get back! 



              #927 Brennas

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                Posted 01 April 2011 - 06:25 AM

                Thanks for that info! I kept thinking that the whole reception was only 2 hours including dinner. So we planned on adding a couple of hours. That was on my list of things to ask Yamina when I am there. If you guys have any questions you would like me to ask her in person, just let me know!! I'll write them down and take them with me.


                I am looking forward to going down there too. It will be nice to see it first hand.

                I am a travel agent and have looking at resorts for my beach wedding WAY before I even met my fiance. lol I have been all over the world and Mexico still has some of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen. I don't think I will be disappointed with EPM! All of my clients I have ever sent there has said nothing but great things about it. It's one of the few resorts that I have never recieved a negative review on.


                BTW if any of you are looking for a travel agent, I would be happy to help you out! I have been specializing in honeymoons and resort packages for over 6 years now. :) Just message me and I will be happy to give you my contact info!



                #928 grandstreet11

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                  Posted 11 April 2011 - 02:33 PM

                  We're getting married on May 23 and arriving on May 19. It's coming up so quick!


                  Does anyone have any recommendations on which officiant to use? Yamina gave me two names for possible officiants, but I'm open to other people too. We're not doing a religious ceremony, but I still want someone who will help us create something special.

                  #929 Sharon99

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                    Posted 12 April 2011 - 05:46 AM

                    Congratulations! You have just about a month!!!! YAY! I am sure everything will be beautiful. You will have to post how everything was when you get back!


                    #930 Trisha Erwin

                    Trisha Erwin
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                      Posted 13 April 2011 - 07:36 AM

                      I'm getting married August 19th at the Excellence Playa Mujeres @ 5:00 P.M.! I opted for the complimentary wedding because I’m only having like 6 guests attend and would like to know if anyone has any additional information on the cocktail hour/dinner, such as? pricing and such after that. I haven’t got any details down with Yamina yet because I figured that everything will be dealt with when it gets closer, and I’m sure she is super busy!


                      I just would like to know if any of you girls know some of the options, so that I can do my budget and such. I’ve already booked and outside photographer, and does anyone know what the resorts daily pass fee for an outside vendor is

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