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Excellence Playa Mujeres Brides Post Here!

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#1151 cohen2b

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    Posted 06 July 2011 - 01:33 PM

    Hey everybody!


    So I have been following this thread for almost over a year for details and tips for my upcoming wedding. I've only posted once before because typically just hearing from you all is all the info I need..... Well my wedding is 8.5.11 and this new wedding planner is making me start to panic!


    First off I feel like I have nothing planned with her and she only just now got back to me about flowers. I had a beach bonfire for my rehersal all worked out with Yamina but according to this new chick that is not allowed. Has anyone else heard this? I am so confused


    I also feel like a lot of things that Yamina made it seem like the were included in the wedding package no longer are. Like that bamboo gazebo thing on the beach is not included and their are the chairs. Or at least this is just what the lady told me.


    I'm waiting to here back now on what is included for the reception. Are chairs and tables and flatware included or am I going to have to pay for those as well?


    I am just frustrated because I feel like someone should have told me all of this before a month right before my wedding. Eeeeeek!


    If anyone has answers or tips it'd be majorly appreciated! Thanks!

    #1152 cohen2b

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      Posted 06 July 2011 - 01:50 PM

      Umm hello will this website go ahead and let me reply now???

      #1153 McCarty2B

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        Posted 06 July 2011 - 02:32 PM

        @cohen2b:  I am in your shoes too.  We get married a month later on 09.03.11 and like you, I'm starting to worry.  I'm sure everything will work out but I'm also nervous now about final costs and being nickel and dimed.  We should have around 30 guests and are doing a catamaran cruise (through another vendor) as our reception.  I REFUSE to pay $45 per head (for the 10 extra guests) just for a cocktail hour!   

        #1154 ladylight

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          Posted 07 July 2011 - 05:47 AM

          WOW,  I have been following this thread and from this point on, and I must say that Excellence's customer service level just dropped about 10,000 percent.   Perhaps they need an example about the power of social media and how viral networking is.

          I remember watching a youtube video about United Airlnies customer service mishap....  United mishandled a guitar and ended up breaking it, I can't remember the details exactly but they completely BLEW HIM OFF...  10 million visits later United's  PR BLUNDER was well known and is being used by PR firms worldwide to showcase the power of Social Media in support of Customer Service.


          Ok, back on subject....We are talking about the hospitality industry, right?    It takes years to make successful products and micro-seconds to ruin a reputation...  I hope that the PR / Marketing staff of Excellence is paying attention here.  If not, they have a hard hard road ahead if they think they are going to be making decisions like this one. 

          I feel for this couple here who has as he puts it "is settling to stay for the wedding because literally, their options are limited being only a few months away from their date, hands tied"...I just try to put myself in their shoes and its a nightmare, literally my wedding planning nightmare.  

          BDWF is a huge resource for brides.  Reading about this on Trip Advisor too...wow TA  is a huge resource (apparently Excellence doesnt realize their actions are transparent).  Perhaps a little SEO with complaints like these archived FOREVER may make an impression...Could it be possible Excellene was thinking that their clients don't use the internet to plan their wedding....anyway,  i digress and move on from Excellence as our choice for a hotel.   No contract for their wedding clients, umm really? 





          #1155 Sharon99

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            Posted 07 July 2011 - 05:54 AM

            So glad to hear that the ladies who had hired Del Sol or La Luna are able to still use them. I am still waiting on EPM to get back to me...I will give them hell if we are not able. lol! This will be our third stay and we are having a wedding & guests come...it's just plain greed & awful business I think!

            If the chair, tables & flatware are now not included I don't know what I will do....this is getting more & more stressful each day!

            As for the bonfire, it is still listed on their website so hopefully you can do it & she just has no clue.

            Good luck to everyone!

            #1156 stefkva

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              Posted 07 July 2011 - 12:55 PM

              Thank you for all of your posts! I just found this blog today and it has been extremely helpful in helping plan our wedding. We're shooting for an April 2012 wedding date but we haven't booked it yet. To be honest, after reading the last few pages on this blog I'm getting a little nervous! I've been in contact with Gustavo and for the most part he's been pretty responsive. I just give him a call if it takes him a while to respond to my emails. But it looks like I'll have to find out about wedding contracts because that now seems imperative to this wedding planning process. 

              #1157 cohen2b

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                Posted 07 July 2011 - 02:18 PM

                Did  anyone else have to pay for chairs for the ceremony? I keep sending her lengthy emails with a dozen questions and she'll answer a few but not all, so I am getting very confused.


                I've just sent her a long one again and I'll be back here to post whatever she answers!


                I just heard from a girl who got married there about a month ago and she would not stop gushing about how amazing it was! I have faith that this will all play out in the end!  Dear God please let this new chick learn the ropes quick and figure all this out!

                #1158 cole379

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                  Posted 07 July 2011 - 03:09 PM

                  I think the one answering all of our emails is the wedding manager, not the new wedding coordiantor. She mentioned this to me that as it got closer to my date they would assign me a coordinator once one has been assigned to the role. I think the wedding manager is trying to fill in until the new wedding coordinator is hired.

                  #1159 stefkva

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                    Posted 07 July 2011 - 05:49 PM

                    Has anyone done the official civil wedding ceremony? Pros/Cons?

                    #1160 Sharon99

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                      Posted 08 July 2011 - 05:12 AM

                      Well I am not sure what to do...Here is the response from Ileana. My email asked for a contract and that she confirmed I was allowed to use La Luna 2 weeks ago. She said nothing about a contract..here response for anyone else that is having this issue. You are allowed anyone else but these 2...



                      "Although we do not recommend outside vendors, we do allow them to come to the hotel, however Del Sol/La Luna Photography are banned at Excellence Resorts due to an unethical and unprofessional practices.

                      Everyone else is welcome to come to Excellence Playa Mujeres."

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