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Excellence Playa Mujeres Brides Post Here!

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As promised! These things at the beginning of planning make all the difference and are totally worth the $20 or what ever it costs to be able to download from this site :)  Prices change, but at lease you will have an idea of prices and options. Also, the wedding planer format is for the Silver package. I do not have the Gold one.



































































Front Spice Terrace (for a smaller reception)




 Main Spice Terrace





Also, I woudl totally do the AGAVE inside terrace for a reception if I had known about it ahead of time and if that restaruant would have been available on our night. The restaurant is decorated so amazing and the dinner we had on the terrace is the most romatic one of our trip!


Does anyone have the wedding planner in another format of excel it is not opening up for me.  

Does anyone have the wedding planner in another format of excel it is not opening up for me.  

Its on page 188 with a bunch of other documents.  I am looking for a wedding planner excel document so I can figure out how much everything is.  I am comparing between 3 resorts... UGH so confusing.

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Hello everyone! I, really excited I found this board! I have been to EPM for vacation last February, and our wedding date is set for 2/28/15. I am curious, how many brides used the spa for wedding day makeup /hair? One of my bridesmaids is a hairstylist, so I have hair covered, but she admits makeup is not her thing.. It's honestly not mine either, and am curious if you have used the spa, how did you like it?

Hi! I had someone on a facebook Excellence Resort group tell me that she had her hair and make up done at the spa and they did a great job for her. I've never been to Excellence so I can't say from experience. Also, maybe ask someone on the TripAdvisor, I had a few people who visit the resort a few times a year answer many other questions for me. 

I'm a 2016 bride, trying to plan ahead! I was really struggling to find good information about planning a destination wedding and one day found this site. It's be so helpful!!

Hi Ladies,

TA Wendy here... I work very frequently with both Excellence properties and because the wedding coordinators know me I can often get quick response from them if they are being a bt delayed in response. If anyone needs a bit of help or would like some information on blocking your group of rooms, I would be very happy to assist.

Excellence Playa Mujeres is a great choice, with large and beautiful rooms, great food, easy to get to location, and wonderful entertainment.

If you can budget for it, I especially reccommend bride and groom book into one of the swim out rooms... so wonderful, and even if not all have ocean view, I think the ability to have your little private garden area and step into the pool really makes it well worth it!

If I can be of any help to anyone, just PM me!

Happy planning!

TA Wendy

Hi TA Windy! Does a Travel Agent really help or is booking from a website do much of the same thing? I'm just really interested in finding out if I need a Travel Agent or not. I have talked with a few where I live and they are pushy and seem to know nothing about Excellence Resorts. They keep trying to push me to other all inclusive resorts. I've never been to Excellence, but I do have a friend who has visited this resort and she had many great things to say about it! I fell in love with it when I saw her pictures and after reading reviews I knew this was the right place for me. I've talked with a travel lady at AAA before, she wasn't interested in talking with me, since I had already picked out my resort and my wedding will be in June 2016. I've talked to the resort and they have said the 2016 schedule opens in February 2015- so no much can be done until then.

I just want to make sure I'm starting my planning off right. I keep getting mixed reviews when I ask do I need a travel agent and specifically what can they help me with?

I appreciate your time in advance.


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I was told I would be working with Laura and now I'm working with Daniel. Anyone have experience with him?

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Well Hi Sara,

Thank you for asking! As you are finding out, destination weddings are a bit of a niche in the travel industry and it is important to select an agent who knows the process, the area and the resort! I have been one of e top producing agents for Excellence resorts for the past several years, and I know all of their properties and work with them very often.

As an agent, working with me is at no charge to you. The group rates I can offer to you will be lower than what the resort would quote you direct, will include transfers from the airport, and if you go with a group contract rate for ten rooms or more can also include group amenities such as comp nights, upgrades and complimentary events for the group. I can also be your go to answer person for all your guests, speaking with them, taking their payments and delivering their documents. I am also there should any problems or issues arise and I work for you rather than the hotel, so am your advocate!

I would be very happy to talk with you further and answer your questions and see if it is a fut for you!

My direct email is wendy@wrighttravelagency.com


TA Wendy

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Sara, there is also a thread here on the forum about To Travel Agent or not to Travel Agent...

I posted this to that thread:


Why Use a Travel Agent?

It’s a really good and valid question, and to be honest, sometimes the answer might actually be that you don’t need one! But we’ll come back to that.

Most travel agents now prefer the title travel consultant or similar. Why? It has a lot to do with the advantages they offer today. Still, with all the websites, deal finders, mobile travel apps, and online services, a lot of people ask: why use a travel consultant?

It’s not hard to do it yourself. It might even be fun! Or, it could turn into a huge disaster. Below are a few points to consider before clicking the BUY button or tapping yourself into a nonrefundable corner.

1. Experience. Think about what you do for a living. For nearly every profession, you can find a website, video, or app that gives potential customers a way to do it themselves. With a little help from the Internet you can fix your car, build cabinets, replace plumbing, write wills, draft contracts, cut hair, make clothes, buy shoes, do accounting, buy stock, cook, bake, and let’s not forget edit videos and touch-up photos.

Finding instructions or tools is not the problem. Doing it RIGHT is the issue. If you put the wrong screw in the wall, it’s no big deal. If you put your family in the wrong resort, it’s a much bigger deal. It becomes even bigger if something goes wrong.

Most people deal with planning a vacation once or twice a year. Travel consultants deal with it all day, every day and many have been doing it for years. Their livelihood fully depends on using their knowledge and experience to craft a vacation you’ll love so much that you’ll keep coming back for more.

Websites and apps with advertising-driven, biased offerings are counting on your own lack of experience to push you to options that will earn them the most profit. Your satisfaction is not part of the display algorithm.

2. Real Deals. Have you ever wondered why some cruises, resorts, or hotels seem to have cheaper deals on some websites? There’s always a reason. Sometimes, it’s a good reason. Sometimes, it’s a very bad reason that you won’t know about until you arrive and it’s too late. There’s always a reason, and a great price is not always a good deal.

For example, every hotel has “undesirable” rooms they have trouble filling. Smaller rooms in noisy areas, rooms that haven’t been renovated lately, or those that overlook the dumpsters are always cheaper than nice ones in quiet areas with good views.

Websites are perfect for liquidating those rooms at bargain rates. Unfortunately, these so-called deals rarely mention things like smelly carpet or noise. It’s also no coincidence that many require full payment upon booking and are nonrefundable.

Even the most beautiful cruise ship has cabins they have trouble selling. The ones directly under the dance floor of the all-night disco, or the ones near the anchor chain that bangs against the side of the ship are just two examples. There are plenty of hard-to-sell cabins that are perfect for online deals.

To be fair, sometimes you can get lucky online! Sometimes the deals are real and worth the risk. Sometimes.

Travel consultants know the legitimate deals from the come-ons. They’ve been trained to uncover the reason behind the bargain. They understand travel lingo, know what to look for and most importantly: they know what to avoid.

3. Transparency. With websites and apps, you may not know what you’ll actually be paying! Many hotels add nightly “resort fees” of $25 to $50 on top of the discounted rate apps and websites display. Of course, you won’t know about them until you check out. Even rental cars can end up costing double the online rate once extra charges like airport fees, taxes, surcharges and such have been added.

Travel consultants know these little details. They make sure you are never unpleasantly surprised. You’ll always know exactly what you’ll be paying and what you’ll get for it.

4. Options. When you buy a cruise or vacation package online, you’ll almost always be required to pay for the entire trip up-front. Did you know that travel consultants offer another option? Usually they can hold the space for you for a small deposit of around $150 to $200. Final payment is not due until between 30 to 60 days prior to departure. In many cases, you can change your plans or cancel entirely prior to final payment!

In addition to the payment options, travel consultants can research and suggest alternatives to what you may have requested. While “Resort A” may be wonderful, its website will never tell you that “Resort B” has a nicer beach or better rates, or that that its own casino is closed for loud and dusty renovations.

5. Advice and Connections. Travel consultants offer something you’ll never find online or in an app: professional advice. Online, every resort or cruise is made to look beautiful and appealing. But, it’s no bargain if you end up regretting the trip. The main reason to use a travel consultant is to make sure you never waste a penny on a vacation you won’t truly enjoy.

There’s one more thing you’ll only get from a travel consultant: relationships. They have real one-to-one personal relationships with travel suppliers that can fix things should something happen to go wrong.

If a travel app messes up your reservations, you’re on your own. But with a travel consultant – you’ll have an advocate on your side with connections. In other words: a human who cares. To the machines, you’re nothing but their data.

Also, you might have heard that some travel consultants charge fees for their professional service. Like other skilled advisors, the best often do. But fees don’t mean you’ll always pay more. In fact, they’re likely to save you more than you ever imagined.

When You Don’t Need a Travel Consultant

It’s true. Sometimes you might not need a travel consultant. If you’re willing to take some risks, and not be concerned if something goes wrong, you might get lucky with the apps and websites. Many people do. Travel consultants just prefer not to gamble.


May be more info than you were asking for, but certainly covers all the bases!

Best to you!

TA Wendy

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Hi Ladies, I was wondering if anyone is planning to bringing a bunch of decorations and stuff for their wedding? Or are you just letting the beauty of the resort and using the decorations that is part of the packages? I'm trying to determine if I need to plan on finding a bunch of decorations or not. Also, on other forums people talk about bringing tumblers or Bubba's and even giving these as a gift in the oot bag. Is anyone doing this? Or has anyone been to Excellence Playa Mujeres and used them? I know the other resorts people are talking about having these at are larger resorts. Any thoughts?

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Hi SurfingSara,


I brought in my own decorations as did so many here brides here on this board. It depends on what you have envisioned... I did not bring much, though. I brought in my own chair sashes, seashells for the reception table, photos, favors, MR. & Mrs. chair signs, etc. They do a nice job in making it look so nice but it all depends how you want it to look.


What do you mean buy tumblers/Bubba's?



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Hello everyone! I am very recently engaged but am frantically trying to pick a location and date. I am thinking about October 2015 at EPM. This forum has been so informative and helpful thus far.


Question for anyone who got married at EPM and is still following this. Did you use the resorts photographer and videographer? How was the quality of their work? Were you happy with their work or would you recommend using someone else?


Looking forward to hearing more from the other brides planning future weddings at this gorgeous location.

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