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What are you walking down the Aisle to?

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Originally Posted by Nikki&James View Post
Would like your opinion please ladies...
Do you think walking down aisle to Dont wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith is ok?
I LOVE it but dont know if it a bit lively, what do you think?

I love that!! What a cool unique idea! I say go for it!

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I'm currently working on *finalizing* our song list...especially making final decisions on the processional, ceremony, and recessional songs. As of right now, I am set on "Better Together" by Jack Johnson for our recessional because I wanted something upbeat & "us" but I am still undecided elsewhere...and our wedding is on the 25th of THIS month! :o


Before I devote any more time to this important task, I was wondering what you ladies think I all need considering our gathering will be small (15 guests) & we do not have a wedding party. It'll just be FI walking up there w/ our 18-month-old & then myself accompanied by my grandfather. We are also doing the "sand ceremony", too.


So, what I was wondering is whether we should have music playing during the sand ceremony..? Is there usually music playing during the ring exchange? I thought I read that being mentioned and in my mind the ring exchange seems like it should be focused on the vows being spoken & slipping each ring on (which takes a matter of moments, right?).


Being that our group is so small is it still appropriate to have music for all of this or am I just nuts?! (lol)

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I know it's up to me and I can do whatever I want since it is my day...but honest opinion, do you think it seems weird to use IZ "somewhere over the rainbow" for the BM's when they walk down and then something like Enya "only time" for when I walk down? I have been torn between those two songs. They are COMPLETELY different. I want the songs to flow nicely. Just looking for thoughts on how the song choices should flow with eachother.

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