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LF: Starfish or Sand Dollar Brads

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Hi Ladies!


So, I have been all over town looking for some nice brads for my save the dates. However, it seems the stores only stock them "in the summer".....


I am looking for 50 starfish or sand dollar brads in either silver or gold color.


Being that I live in Canada, I have tried google, and ebay, but have not been able to find some that don't also come with a huge shipping cost!!!


I was wondering if any of you ladies might have some leftover that I can purchase, or know of a place I can get some in Canada.


Thanks!!! :)

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Forgive my ignorance -- but are brads the same things as charms? If so, I might be able to help. I just went through the same search for my save the date and settled on these:

Create for Less


They are a little pricer -- but they also look like they cost that little bit more. During my search, I also ran across a lot of options on ebay and there are also some on the Oriental Trading Company. I waited until the last minute so didn't have time to try it out and see if they looked okay.


Good luck!

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I was just at Michaels on the weekend and I found some really nice starfish, in silver. I think they came 4 or 5 in a package and were about 6.00. I am making my own invites and plan on adding these to them. Do you have Michaels out in Alberta we do in Ontario.


Good luck with your search



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Thanks Ladies for all of your help!!

I do have a Michaels, but they didn't have any.

Maybe they were just out of stock....I'll keep checking back.


JHarwood 2 Be, those brads would be perfect! But I kept getting "Unable to calculate shipping". ARGH!

Thanks anyways!! :)

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