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Checklist for guests

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I searched but I couldn't find anything...


So wondering if you gave your guests a checklist of what they should being doing?



Applied for passport

Have/Received passport

Booked Flights

Sent Flight itinerary information to Bride and Groom

Booked rooms

Have vaccinations uptodate


Something like that I guess... I figured it would be someting helpful them to use.

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We just send out a group email with a checklist of things that they need to take care of before they come.... Things like passports, immunizations, and stuff! We're going to be sending out a pre-departure brochure in about 3 wks to give everyone a heads up on what to pack, and info on the resort. OOOOhh... I am getting excited! :)

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Yeah, I'm totally doing a checklist for my guests, and putting it in a prominent spot on our wedding website. I think it will be helpful in reminding guests of what they need to do before they leave! However, I"m a big fan of checklists for myself before I travel, so I'm assuming that my guests will appreciate it too! Also, it'll help with RSVP'ing for stuff. For example, my checklist has things like:

Contact us if you want to go to Stingray City group activity

RSVP on our website

Apply for passport by 3/20/09

Contact us if you are planning on taking Delta flight XXXX so we can secure a group discount

etc. etc. etc.


I think it'll help plans run more smoothly.

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